Friday, 15 February 2013

Prequel to Safe Zone - ATZ Campaign

Big Joe pulled on what remained of his cheroot and tried to make sense of what had gone on. Highway and the RECON platoon were no more, all torn to death by the creatures of 'Purgatory'. His own platoon decimated, those that survived were gibbering messes, holed up in a garage, now a makeshift hospital. Not that there was anyone staffing it.

Sure the hierarchy had re-enforced the main drag in and out of the shanty with a chicken wire fence and had barricaded the roadway. But that was it, and they'd 'bugged out' leaving only the cops, himself and those civilians that were too sick or mad to escape back to the city. The vehicles that they left were U/S. Meaning 'hoofing' it was the only way out.

He'd been impressed by the police section. Although there was a Sergeant in charge one of the officers seemed to understand combat and had led from the front. There was also some Limey Special Agent that appeared fairly handy and seemed to be co-ordinating things.

Major Ring had given him his orders before making his tactical withdrawal. Those orders had been simple. Act as liaison to the civil forces, stand with them to hold the barricade until such a time as re-enforcements were summoned from the Federal Administration. Report back by whatever means possible.

Sergeant Joe Savalas had never seen anything like he had done the previous day. Hordes of bloodstained civvies marching straight at well armed troops and with their bare arms ripping those they caught to bits. he tried to fight back the memories of his comrades being eaten!

Finishing the last of his smoke, Joe checked is Thompson and made his way over to the police line.

The previous scenario had ended in disaster. Two military platoons had been destroyed, although the police section had managed to stay intact. They'd saved a score of civilians and arrested Lil' Mo and his gang. But the flood gates had opened and forty odd zeds were descending on the 'Safe Zone', based at Arch Wright's store, where it all began. Big Joe Savalas is one of nine men now manning the fence line. The remainder being Hamilton Square, PS Al Lynch, Jack Regan and the rest of the gang.


  1. looking forward the next part!!

  2. Really like the fact that it is not a "contemporary" zombie game setting. As with Simon looking forward to next act/scene/scenario/bit/thingie!

  3. Good luck to them, they'll need it.

  4. This is not going to end well is it ?.
    Roll on the next bit

  5. Hahaha poor bastards... come on bring it on :)

  6. Movie cliche alert - I have a bad feeling about this!