Sunday, 21 April 2019

Creating the Earth

Having only a grass mat, play surface, purchased for less then a fiver from work, I required something more deserty. So I decided to make one.

The are plenty of guides on 'YouTube' but this is my version.

Step One

Gathering the equipment. Mostly sourced from the pound shop & Wilkos' test pots. The most expensive piece was the mat itself at £4.99 Screwfisx. This is one of those covers that you put on the floor or over furniture when painting. It has a cotton weave on a plastic back. It needed a bit of ironong.

Step 2: I tacked the mat to a board to keep it flat.

Step 3: Measuring out the playing surface 3' x 2.75' (This was determined by the mat itself.)

Step 4: I covered the playing surface in builders caulk, spreading it out with the scraper.

Step 4: WIP

Completed base layer.

Step 5: Undercoat Grey

Step 6: Wash of 'Granite' Tester Pot

Step 7: Second wash of 'Natural Stone'

Step 8: Dry Brush with 'Midnight White'

Finished product.
I worked in my Mum's pad and the lighting was not good. The pictures don't really do the mat justice. I'm fairly happy with it. Hopefully it will be seen in better light as this project expands.

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter to you all.


  1. Great job, looking forward to seeing it with some terrain on.

  2. Looking good; how well will it roll up after use ?