Thursday, 11 April 2019

In the beginning was the word.

The idea for my latest blog is to recreate the adventures of a Hebrew warrior during the early biblical times. I will be utilising elements of RPG and tabletop. As I play solo I required a couple of sets of 'fast play' easy to use rules.

 The latter was fairly straight forward. I had bought Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames, which I found eminently readable which contained a neat set of utilitarian multi-era rules, as well as a series of scenarios. Many of these are easily transferable to a host of Biblical encounters. Details of which can be located in Chaim Herzog's and Mordechai Gichon's (fabulous) academic tome Battles of the Bible. (The reading of which does require a map (physical and human) of ancient Judea/Palestine/Israel, unless one is aware of the geography of the ancient middle east.)

The former rule set proved somewhat more problematic. Then a thought of long, long ago popped into my head. I remembered a set of quick play rules from the early days of wargaming (d6, saving throws and all that.) A rummage in my Mum's attic turned up the Military Modelling Annual 1972Within were a set of rules published by one of our hobby's Grandfathers, Charles Grant! So, with a bit of tinkering I produced my own set of ancient skirmish rules. Needless to say heavily reliant on Mr. Grant's ideas. (I'll publish them on a separate page, if allowed.)

With rules now in place. Further development of this project may now take place.


  1. This is fantastic. Really unusual work...and you play solo! Looking forward to more of this.

  2. Thanks, buddy. Should be freer to keep it up after this week.