Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Slowly but surely.

New year new project (s).

I have started a new blog, that will be developing slowly. I require a desert landscape for this. Therefore I decided I would build one.

Stage one of the project. A gaming mat.

There are many tutorials out there about the design of gaming mats. I drew inspiration from most of them and I will reference them on my new site.

First: The requirements

1. A 'drop cloth.' One of those cloths that you put on items to stop them getting covered in paint when DIYing (not modelling.) It has a cotton weave on a plastic sheet. The most expensive item at £3.99.
2. A pressure gun (£1.00)
3. 2 x Tubes Latex Caulk (£1.00 each)
4. A pair of work gloves (£1.00)
5. A spreading instrument (£1.00)
All other items from work box.
 Tack the four corners to prevent 'rucking."
(Ntote to self: Practice Macro-photographing.)

Measure out gaming area. In this case 36" x 34". This is because it was the maximum size of my hard work surface.

Put caulk on cloth and spread out using scraper. Wear you gloves. I usually wouldn't, but I needed to do other things and would get putty all over the house.

Speckle/texture with a sponge and leave to dry.

Next episode: Under coating and painting. This'll take a while as I am no longer rushing my projects.

Have a good time modelling gang.



  1. Whilst I know that there are probably many tutorials for making similar gaming cloths (not that I've looked an any of them), I'm looking forward to seeing how this developes as I've contemplated making a similar one for my Sudan project.

  2. Interesting. Look forward to seeing more mate!