Thursday, 23 June 2011

I'm a DIVVY 2

The site is:


I've just been posting you guys with a comp that with the skills I've read it would be criminal for you not to enter. Only realised that a post on my blog would circulate it all around, hence the 'DIVVY' tag. I know it is a 40k (hiss, boo) website but the rules say any tabletop game. Just thought you may be interested. Good luck.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First Contact USA - Batrep

Goodness, family life and shift work doesn't half take its toll in gaming and blogging. I gave myself an ultimatum, no  modelling/painting etc. 'til you've blogged a Batrep. So here it is.

Based on the 'First Contact' scenarios ATZ.

Hamilton Square has has returned from a mission on Puerto Rico. Arriving in New York Harbour he receives a telegram from the BOI to retrieve a briefcase left by an agent on a trans-shipping depot on pier 13. Hailing a cab (driven by Conway Park) our hero our hero enters First Contact USA 1924.

House rules; zombies are placed by placed by rolling 2d6. The result is cross referenced with 1 or 2 being the top left 3,4,the next squares 5 or 6 the final square. The briefcase is in any of the vehicles or cases on a roll of a double. If no doubles then it is in the last place searched.

Trans-shipment Depot Pier 13

"Pier 13, old boy."
"Man, you don't wanna be goin' down there. My cousin works pier 13, he says all sorts of weird stuff happens there."
"It's OK fella, I've just got to pick up a package."
"You're the boss."

Five zombies are originally generated and placed according to the house rules.

Zombie placement
The cab passes through the gates and enters the depot to be confronted by a shuffling near human. The driver is  unsighted (left hand drive) Hamilton draws his pistol and pops the zed with a double tap.

With the noise of the vehicle and the gunshots three zeds are generated. An insight test gives Conway a view of the next zed.

"Accelerate into it!" screamed Park.
"Floor it man!"

Passing the to charge test.

Conway put the pedal to the metal and hammered into the creature. The zed burst into a mass of puss and blood all over the cab.

One man went to mow, mow down a zombie.

Hamilton bailed from the rear of the cab his pistol at the ready, his trusty cane ready.
"God damn damage and cleaning bills," says Conway alighting to check the damage, "and what the hell..."

Snake eyes and a nearby pile of palettes bursts into flames. A piece of ripped and rolled up kitchen roll was pressed into the scene. And yet another zombie was generated.
Spontaneous Combustion

Two zeds focus on Square and began their shuffling gait towards him. Behind them more undead.
Park spins to face the spontaneous fire to see one of the creatures charging him.


He passes the being charged test, but has to take the zed or no zed test.

Hamilton head shots his attackers.
"Hell fire Apollo, what happin' to you!"

As Conway Park passes the test but with someone he knows.

Engaged in hand to hand, Conway plants two jabs and a right hook to shatter his cousins brain case.
"Apollo, you mightin' a'bin my favourite cuz, but you sure as hell didn't deserve this."

Conway off's his cousin Apollo

Things are looking tough

Things are getting a bit hairy as Hamilton fails to fire at a charging zed. Locked in melee Hamilton resorts to his cane and takes the top of his assailants head like skimming the top of an egg. Conway backs away from the fight.

Zombies, zombies everywhere!

Some good shooting and a tactical retreat

Another roll of double one and as it happens the other pallets burst into flames. And more zombies generated.

More damn zeds
Ranged combat serves the heroes well as Hamilton makes short work of the oncoming undead. Conway is not so lucky and is engaged in hand to hand combat with two creatures of the undead, who emerge from m behind one of the cases.

Two rounds of melee ensue.

Jabbing, ducking, bobbing and weaving Conway is in the fight of his life. An uppercut dispatches one zed as its head sails into the air, but the other seems to have some skills.

OMG Hamilton fails his being charged test.

A jamb, Hamilton pauses against the onslaught, and backs away, double quick, to the shelter of a case in the upper quadrant of the depot.

A left block and a crushing right hander finishes the second zombie facing Conway, a near run thing.

The final zombie kept passing his rolls whilst Conway failed, it all came down to a one on one dice roll despite Park having 'Brawler' attribute.

Seeing Hamilton's bolt for cover Conway does likewise and moves , quick time to the protection of the lower case.

Getting there

Clearing his jamb Hamilton clears up the remaining zombie, but generates one behind the 'Allied Van' (unseen). Conway takes a breather.

Can't see me here

"Check the case, driver! We're looking for a brief case!" Hamilton calls out. Conway pops the case and is greeted with the gift of steak. 'That's supper paid for,' he thought shouldering his find.

Double three, gets Hamilton his case.

"Let's get out of here!" he yells.
"You don't have to tell me twice," replies Conway making for the cab.
Both men head towards their transport.

Halfway there Hamilton is charged by the remaining zed, a snap shot dispatches the beast. Both men make it to Conway's taxi.

Popping the final Zed

"You OK?" asks Square.
"Guess so,sah. But what was all that about?"
"What about?"
"Ohhh Kaaay."

The cab barked into life and Park steered it towards the exit.

"Home James," says Hamilton.
"My name ain't James," replies Conway, "it's Park, Conway Park."
"You handle yourself well Conway Park."
"Thank you sah, Master Sergeant Harlem Hellcats in the Big One. Regimental heavyweight champion three years runin'."
"You want a job Conway?"
"A fightin' job? Fightin' them things?"
"Yes Mr. Park, fighting them things. Tracking them down and dispatching them. My names Hamilton, Hamilton Square. Major Hamilton Square."
"Sure would beat driving a cab Major."
"Shouldn't this cab be yellow?"
"Not you as well, I thought this was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship."
"Oh it is old boy, it is. For as long as we survive."

The start of a beautiful friendship

Playing the game is the thing. I really, REALLY, enjoyed it.Empty hand melee with zombies is not a good thing, if it wasn't for Conway's 'brawler' attribute he would have bought the farm.

Blogging is not as easy as it appears. Getting the prose right, with the photos and making it readable, I found it very difficult. Couple that with the note taking during the game. A real skill that I will work on. Getting the dice rolls into the tale helps, you know who's activating etc.

The close photography to illustrate the game another skill to be honed, getting the right angles to give your reader the best view of the action.

Well it's a start and we all have to start somewhere. All in all great fun I'd recommend it to any gamer a real focuser!