Saturday, 29 June 2013

!!!!!!MAJOR RANT!!!!!!!

Gosh am I cross! Which is not in my vocab, usually. Part 1 the Lions got beaten by 1 point this a.m. Which was about the highlight of my day.

I got two £10.00 vouchers for 'Modelzone' off my lads (14 & 10 yo) bought on 16th inst. I went to retrieve them today. Selected a few tools and some Zevesda heavy weapons packs total £17.00. Went to the checkout and said to the MANAGER, "Don't worry about the 3 quid owing, I know it's difficult to sort out vouchers."

He says, "thank you sir, that'll be £7."

"£7, says I, for why?"

"Well sir," says he, "we've gone into administration on 26th and we're only honouring 50% of vouchers."

"So," says I, " we have to pay 30 quid for items worth 17?" (£20 vouchers + £3 waiver and £7 extra for the goods!)

"Hmm yes," says he, "never thought of it like that. Sorry."

Selling vouchers 10 days before going into receivership is just straight corruption! I'm not a vindictive person but my two lads paid out their pocket money in good faith to CORRUPT business people. Someone knew this was due and did nothing and allowed their staff to basically steal money from patrons of their store. MTRIH!

PS: I'm not blaming the staff. They're as much victims. Not being told by the 'head sheds' they're the real criminals!!

Sorry, spleen vented.

Catch you soon.


Monday, 24 June 2013

My Weekly Sitrep.

Another week, another week of no gaming or modelling. What I'm doing I no not.

Saying that I did come across a great little 3D design programme which I playing with. It's free so here's the link if anyone wants it. It's called google sketch up.
A screen shot; not my work

Plus there was a rugger match on; Lions vs Australia. It's summed up here rather nicely.

I did base those British Army figures though, at least it was something.

Take care out there.


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Just a Quickie. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

First off HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you Dads out there!
How I like to see myself.
How the heirs' do?
It was  the  junior heir's 10th birthday this weekend and the Viscountess was flapping like one of Mathyoo's 'Magnifihens' ( which forced me to retreat into my man cave and escape the chaos. Which got me to thinking about my coppering project. and so it started.

Peeling off some flash, cutting off back backs, webbing and filling in gaps. I then smoothed the boots and rough bits with 'wood glue'. They're now drying s let's see how it goes.

In the end we took the heir and a few of his friends to the 'Crocky Trail', just outside Chester ( It was a great day out. Basically a farmer has hacked out a footpath around a couple of his fields that follows a stream. He's then built bridges, wobbly and solid, swings and tunnels into the banks. It's the stuff people of a certain age did in their youth, and the kids run wild. There are all sorts of rides and bits and pieces as well. You can stay there all day for £11.00 and bring a picnic. I'd recommend it to any family group visiting this neck of  the woods.
Well you get the idea.

Have a good day you guys.


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fences 2 - The end

Finishing off the fences.

The mess at the end of our dining table and my kit for the final fences.
Polyfilla set, a quick coat of green paint and a dip in some terrain mix.

In Situ

Another view.
Slightly more English then my usual terrain, but I'm pleased with them. I'm tempted with FFO and set it in England of the 30's. It'll couple with my VBCW project. Need some bobbies though and they're not easy to come by in 1/72nd plastic. (I do have a modelling knife, some 'green stuff' and half a box of Airfix WW1 German infantry. Hmmm nice!)

Watch out there amongst the English.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Building fences 1 and a weird year.

Good Lord it's nearly half way through the year! Where has it gone. Only one game played, blogging as and when. Yet I can't find a reason for this lack of gaming or modelling.

So a quick trip into my local town and a visit to the pound shop to get some inspiration and I came home with this:

Glue; hanging basket stuff(?) bits and pieces from the toolbox.

Cut the plastic credit cards (using craft knife)

Measure and cut out suitably sized fences (need scissors for this)

Double the hedge and glue to cut base.
I used the UHU (£1.00) glue for this. I found it too stringy but it seems to do the job.

Repeat process.

So I'll leaves this to dry/set and base, then we'll see.

Take care out there,

Sunday, 2 June 2013

A bit of a crossover.

Well over the last week I built a camp for whichever unit decides to occupy it. It's a bit of a crossover from my VBCW project, However the model huts are very versatile.

The buildings are from a 'print and play' Stalg Luft kit that's available for free on the web somewhere, just can't find it again. I will try again and publish the link, just found it

Well worth the printing ink.

Happy building!