Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sitrep-nothing exciting, I nearly got some zed gaming in.

The last Saturday in September and it's the last 'car boot' sale at my club for the year, which signifies the end of summer.

It is overcast on the peninsula and I thought with the Ryder Cup going on I'd have a go at THWs Zombie Golf  (golf is not a game that I particularly like despite there being some 13 golf courses within 10 miles of where I live.)

Well there I was planning my course ready to 'tee off' when in comes the 1st heir.
"Dad," says he, in that sort of' there's something more coming my way' voice. "Adamo is going scootering, Mater is off to a coffee morning, so I was wondering if we could go to the club and watch the derby?"

I'd completely forgotten about that! "When is it?" asks I.

"Twelve-forty five, but you'll need to get there early to set up the big screen."

I sighed and put away the golf course.

Maybe it'll look something like this. But I think not.

Is it: COYB or YNWA

The two days of this pairing are not unlike the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse as the streets of our borough will be deserted for 90 minutes, very eerie.

There's a very good 'crazy golf' course on the front, I think I'll visit that for inspiration. Hmm zombie crazy golf.

Keep safe out there.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Another X Wing post - Home made escape pods.

1. Get your tools together.
(The mints are crucial, the tea not so) 
As you may know I do like to run pre-set scenarios into a mini campaign. The next one in X Wing is the protection of a wounded ship. It came to me that the ship(s) could be the escape pods from the Senator's shuttle in mission 1. As there are no such items in the X-Wing world I thought I'd cobble some together.

2.Cut out balsa bases.
1/4 the size of a small ship.

3. X-Wing tac -tics

4. With a steady extra hand,
 drill holes into the mints.

5. Stiff wire supports inserted into holes
and glued in place.

6.Raiding the spice cabinet for some detail.

7. A lick of paint
(Must practice close-ups again)

8.Ready to enter the fray.

The mat is a trial run on scrap piece of material that I am hoping to make a 3'x3' gaming mat on. If I get it going I'll blog the project.

I'm also working on a new zombie campaign. I think Gunnery Sergeant Highway will make a comeback. More to follow.

Hope all is well with you all. Keep safe.


Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting the Mojo back.

As part of getting back in the swim I thought I'd address the vexed topic of my man cave. As you all know it is a nomadic space. However, I have neglected it only ripping out the bits I needed for the little projects I did. So when I decided to hit it today. Well pictures paint a thousand words.

Oh Lordy
Ever get that feeling that you wish
you'd never started something.

Everything has a place and a place
for everything.

FYI: The skull in the bottle is a WIP trophy. The whisky carton was a gift (as I can't stand the stuff) it contains a Piecepack set that I built from scratch. It didn't come out too well hence no pictures of it. The idea is good for gamers, if you like game theory and just playing. More info can be found here: 

Future projects: A game mat for X-Wing and in the near future a couple of ships for the same (more will be revealed in the relevant post)

Catch up to you all soon.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tempus fugit - A new game and a new batrep.

Hi Guys, it's been some time. Sorry about that. Bottom line is I haven't coped too well with retirement and instead of relaxing and enjoying our hobby I got far too engrossed looking for work. It took my son and nephew to bring me to my senses again. The former just told me to start playing with my zombies again and the latter got me into X-Wing miniatures. So now I'm contemplating a new ATZ campaign (with my current characters). By way of an apology here's a batrep for an X-Wing game. (Hope you don't mind as it's not zombie orientated, but I really enjoy it as a game.)

Turn 1
“Shuttle, Red Wing Six, no duff. Over”
“Shuttle, send Red Wing Six.”
“No duff. Two boogies twelve-o-clock. Stay close. Wait, out.”
“Roger that. Stay close. Out.”
“Tango two four to Tango Leader. Do you copy that sighting? Over.”
“Tango two three, yes, yes. IFF says one X Wing and standard shuttle. Maintain current course.”
“OK. Out.”

Turn 2
 Pilot Officer Silas Shodon eased the power to his four Incom 4L4 fusion engines and his T-65 X- Wing slowed allowing his escort to close up. He already had eyeball of two Imperial Tie fighters. He raised his shields whilst simultaneously engaging the holographic targeting system.
“Tango Leader. Split, split, split.”
“Tango two four. Moving NOW!”
Shodon marveled at the Ties’ maneuverability as both fighters barrow-rolled to their open-side.
Shodon sighted the starboard ship and opened up with his four KX9 laser cannons. 

Flashes sparked on his target and the X-Wing’s Fabritech tracking computer registered two hits. Yellow streaks of Imperial laser flashed passed his cockpit burning out harmlessly in space.

Turn 3
Banking starboard Shodon started his pursuit.
“Shuttle, maintain speed and course. I’m engaging.”

“Shuttle. Roger; Red Wing Six. Remember our mission. Over.”
“Red Wing Six, not forgotten. Out.”
Tango Leader. Maintain formation.”
“Tango two four, roger.”

Turn 4
“Tango Leader. Re-engage!”
“Tango two four. Re-engaging.”
Banking to his right, Shodon noted his enemy’s twin Koiogran turns bringing all their guns to bear on the Ambassador’s shuttle.

“Red Wing Six, Red Wing Six. We’re receiving damage. Hull integrity reduced to sixty percent.”
Shodon opened the T-65’s engines and his ship banked hard starboard.

Turn 5
Red Wing Six’s holographic system followed the shuttle’s desperate attempt to evade its pursuers. Shodon pushed the T-65 harder.
“Mayday, Mayday. Hull integrity thirty percent. Abandoni…………………..” 

The silence in his headphones deafened Shodon. He eased off on his power and scanned for any escape pods.
“Tango two four; nice work Romeo, Tango, Uniform.”

“Roger, roger; return to unit.”

This was my first mission game. As I was used to playing the Imperials (nephew was always Han) I flew the Ties better. A rerun of the match, now with a better understanding of the X-Wing capabilities, led to a resounding Rebel victory, destroying one Tie fighter, running its partner to one remaining hull point and giving the replacement Tie a bad fright. Needless to say the Ambassador was able to deliver his chocolate balls. 

Well thanks for popping by. Sorry for not keeping up with you all. I will try harder from now on.