Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Cavalry Arrive: ATZ Batrep: Domestic Dispute; Pt 2b


The gang have arrived at Arch. Wright's store. They have cleared the building, finding the dead body of Jackie Wright and the zombified corpse of her husband Archie, who was sent to the great beyond. Their two kinder have also been found and now they wish to take them to safety. Outside created zombies have reached the building and are now blocking the route to the vehicles and safety.

Turn 6 (Z-2; C-2: Z-1;C-4)

Hamilton's military background kicked in and his quickly assessed the situation.

"Right! The living room is nearer and I don't want to come across what's just entered the shop. Carter, take the kids. Conway, point, I'll be tail-end charlie. Questions?"

Receiving none, "MOVE!"

Conway led the way entering the living room without incident, followed by the rest of the team.

"Look, look, the window," the only speaking child gasped pointing at the shattered glass.

All turned in time to see a decaying claw push through the shattered glass, followed by a bloodied,scarred face, toothless jaws gnashing, as it attempted to get in.

The side door burst open and two shuffling creatures lurched into the room.

The double led to a 'random event' and this was one of the characters 'out of ammo'. I chose the individual by a simple d6, they'll not know (nor will you) until they attempt to use their weapon. Other then that no other gaming, just movement.

Zombies make it to the store.
Turn 7 (Z-5;C-4)

Hamilton spun on the balls of his feet to face the internal door of the room as the zed finished it's shopping.

He loosed a single round blowing the top of the zed's head into the kitchen.

Jack turned to cover him, "getting better, Hamilton," he smirked.

Conway snapped his 'Tommy Gun' to the ready and opened up. He saw the rounds rip into the leading zed. Black gunk splattered the wall and the zombie fell. The remaining zed shambled into sight.

Jack squeezed the trigger on his twelve gauge and the 'click', as it fell on an empty chamber, resounded as loudly as cymbal in an empty hall. Carter hurled the weapon at the zed and fell back to the fallen armchair, behind which the children were hiding. The third creature gave up it's efforts at the window and fell back onto the ground.

Under Siege

Hamilton's 'insight' test is a pass and he takes and aimed shot, dispatching the zed. Jack has no actions (cause I forgot him). Conway fires his SMG, hits two/misses one but only manages to knock down the zed. George's 'in sight' passes 1d6, his was the weapon that had run out of ammo so he 'ducks back.' 3 zeds are created; 1 in the bathroom, 1 in store room and 1 outside on left middle.

 Turn 8 (Z-6; C-3)

Blood curdling moans drift from the recesses of the building.

"Sort out those bloody things and let's leave this hell hole!" barked Hamilton stabilising his firing position and covering the living room door.

Regan, his view now free, drew a bead on the standing zed and loosed a double tap. The creature collapsed it's cranium no longer together.

Conway looked aghast as the beast he downed climbed to its feet. Another burst from the 'Chicago Piano' threw the zed back into the wall, it slide to the ground a black smear marking it's route.

House Clearing
George Carter unclipped his .38 Special and readied it for action.

Conway Park glanced at team. Their faces were drawn and pale. The children looked catatonic.

With no zed movement the gang cut a break. Conway's SMG, once again, failed to off the zed. Other actions were straight forward. 3 zeds were created: 1 in the kitchen, 2 outside both in the top right. The gang required a 'lack of sleep' test. I chose that they do this against their rep, once I saw the effects of a dropping rep. All passed.

Turn 9 (Z-5; C-1)

Conway Park crossed the couple of yards to the downed beast, placed the barrel of his weapon to the zed's head and squeezed the trigger. Blood splashed his boots, "aww shoot," was all he could manage.

Bolting for the door Jack pulled the hammer back on his revolver. Gaining the outside fresh air pushed away the smell of decay.


Jack dropped to one knee and popped two rounds at the faceless zed, it's features having been shredded by the window glass. The body hurled backwards, less recognisable with no head.


"Go on kids," ordered George Carter ushering the children towards Conway who by now was covering the vehicles parked without. They trotted off, obediently. Carter turned and covered the internal door, "Major, I got your back."

Major Park, back-stepped keeping his pistol levelled at the door.

Exiting Strategy

Conway yawned and it infected the whole band.

"KEEP IT TOGETHER LADS!" Park bellowed, forcing the tiredness from his aching body.

Yet another break for the cavalry with the zeds not moving, at least 1 of the outside zeds would be upon them by now, with a couple of others following the move after. Jack's 'snap fire' hit 1 out of 2. 1 zed was created top left. The 'lack of sleep' test was taken and only Hamilton passed. This could be tricky: Jack Regan down to 3; Conway Park 2; George Carter 2 & Hamilton 4.

Turn 10 (Z-3; C-5)

Shacking his head Hamilton car the sleep from his eyes as a gnarled male in a ripped evening suit staggered into the room, followed by a figure that was once a bridesmaid.

Hamilton slotted a round into the male's head, sending it to the great beyond.

The undead wed?

George Carter realised the danger and tried to focus on the threat. He pulled the trigger on his revolver, twice, both rounds went wild and the zed fell on the officer. George staggered back lashing out with his pistol catching the zed on the side of its head.Black stained nails clawed at his face. George weaved underneath the clutching grasp and rammed the barrel of his .38 into the bridesmaid's temple, penetrating the undead's brain. What was once a she, fell to the foor.

Two of the internal zeds enter the living room. 'In sight' tests give Hamilton a clear shot. Whilst George's dropping rep causes issues. Melee runs to two rounds: 3-2,6: 5-2. Lucky George. Two zeds created both outside to the left of the table. No further roll for 'lack of sleep'.

By this time my camera had run out of power, hence the archive pictures.

Turn 11 (Z-6;C-6: Z-3, C-2)

Zombies shuffled closer, a faint smell of decay drifting to Jack's nostrils. He flicked open the revolver and a cold stream of sweat ran down his back when he saw no live rounds.

Jack Regan trotted over to the police vehicle, 'I must speak to George about this' he thought seeing the keys in the ignition, but glad they were. Conway followed suit taking position of his taxi.

Carter grabbed the talkative child by the scruff of his neck and hefted him out of the door. Hamilton Square followed his example with the remaining child.

Crossing the grass from the store both men hurled them both into the back of Conway's revving taxi.

"Go! Go Conway, I'll stick with these guys!" Hamilton screamed slamming the car door.

"We'll see you back at the nick!" he said reverting to his colloquial British diction.

"Yeah, right," returned Conway accelerating from the forecourt of Wright's store and onto the freeway.

George and Hamilton jogged over to the police vehicle.

"And don't slam the doors," drifted from the departing black cab.

"Home, Jack, and don't spare the horses."

"I'm with the Limey," George was thrown back into the seat as Jack floored the accelerator.

The doubles random event caused Jack to run out of ammo. With no zombies to fight the team double moved and got to heir vehicles and away. A close run thing.


Hamilton and his gang return to the Station House and make their report. Sgt. Brennan has sent the day crew to barricade the Donkey Drive shanty. Moor City's Mayor and the Police Commissoner are all informed and on route.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Cavalry Arrive: ATZ Batrep: Domestic Dispute; Pt 2a.

The Prologue

Officers Briggs and Louise attended at Arch. Wright's store in response to a report of a domestic dispute. Officers Regan and Carter were sent to back them up, in company with Special Agent Hamilton Square and his associate Conway Park.

Briggs and Louise fell to the zeds within the store on turn 5. The cavalry were not due to arrive 'til turn 7, in the mean time the zeds finished feasting and made their way to the shop.

Turn 1.

The cavalry enter in two vehicles and sort themselves out. George Carter had previous history of the family and premises and briefed the gang about what to expect when inside. Hamilton Square & Jack Regan will enter the building via the store, whilst the other two go in through the living room. The former team will check bedroom one whilst Conway & George will take the kitchen. They'll then gather, reassess and search the rest of the building. Conversations on the way to Donkey Drive gave all members a mutual respect for each other. All were up overnight but the adrenaline pumped them up.
Jackie Wright had hidden the kids in the store room before returning to the small bedroom to look for some weapons. Hearing the commotion, of Briggs and Louise, she stayed hidden. But after a period of silence she began to sneak out. Leaving her hiding place she saw the back of Archie, her husband, his distinctive baseball jacket identifying him from behind. He turned slowly, and his grey pallor disturbed her.

"Archie,Archie, you OK?"

Archie Wright's jaw dropped open, revealing, sharp pointed teeth. He advanced on his wife, arms outstretched, "BRAIIIINS."

Jackie screamed.

As they had been up all night I rolled for 'lack of sleep' lowering their rep by one each (a further loss of rep at turn 8, if game still going). The entrance of the meant rolling for summoned zeds & 5 were created. House rules state that; on a 5 they appear in the building (position determined on a d6 roll). On a roll of 6; they appear at the edge of the table delineated by a spinner. 1 appears in the house, bedroom 1, where Jackie was hiding (scenario); two top right; one middle right & 1 bottom left.

Turn 2 (Z-1: Cav-3: Other-5)

Her scream appeared to animate what was once her husband and her lunged the few feet at her. Snatching a pair of scissors from the dressing table, Jackie thrust out at her attacker. The blade penetrated the outstretched claw of her husband, causing him to recoil. He came again, knocking the scissors from her grasp, jaws snapping at his wife's throat. Jackie Wright passed out and did not feel the teeth of her husband ripping the cheeks from her face.

Jackie, discovers her decaying husband.
..and falls to his assault.

Conway and George heard screaming from within and burst through the open door into Wright's living room and straight into the remains of George Carter's erstwhile colleagues. George pulls up fighting back the gall that rose in his throat. Conway moves past the tattered remains and checks the corridor.

Wright's store was open and the two remaining officers slipped silently into the outlet. A vile corrupt odour assailed the men.

"Jesus, you smell that?" asked Park.

Jack, levelled his pistol, "HAMILTON!" he screamed, firing at one of the shambling trio advancing on them. His first round smashed into the wall behind his target, the second burst the creature's head in a bloody shower.

Hamilton, swung his firearm at the remaining zeds and loosed two shots, both went wild. The undead roared and charged Square. Hamilton brought the butt of his automatic crashing down on the head of the first beast crushing it like a ripe grape. The second zed crashed into the Special Agent, sending him careering back onto the window of the store.

Gnashing teeth snapped at his face, Hamilton, brought his heavy topped cane, into the ribs of his assailant smashing the bones to splinters. The beast came again, it's right arm hanging uslessly. Hamilton, jabbed his now bloodied cane, meeting the zed's forehead as it lurched at him. The satisfying crunch of crushing bone echoed through his can and the creature collapsed.

Hamilton heaved a sigh, "bloody hell. Is this how you welcome all visitors to your city?"

Regan grinned, "you're still alive, ain't you?"

Hamilton jerked his head towards the door to the right of the room.

Jack & Hamilton, meet the Zeds
...and dispatch them.
Unknown to those inside the zombies move closer to the building.

Jackie (rep 3) failed her 'in sight' test 2d6 and was set upon by the zed. Melee 4,5,2:2; 6:2 & fell.
Conway & Hamilton had no tests and just continued on their task.
Jack passed his 'in sight' test 2d6 and fired (2 shots) at the nearest zed, missing with one but hitting with the other.
Hamilton passed 1d6 on his 'in sight' and snapped fired. Hitting once. The second zed charged and engaged in melee. 6,2,3:3; 1:1; 3:4. Zombie down.
1 zombie created, inside bedroom 1.

Turn 3 (Z-3, C-4)

Another zed

Hamilton, moved through the shop's side door and spun into the open bedroom door, Jack on his shoulder. The room was in darkness and it took a couple of seconds for his eyes to become accustomed to the lack of light. Hearing a shuffling, Hamilton strained even harder.

The zed bursts from the shadows, Hamilton snapped his gun to the target and loosed a double tap, both rounds crashed into the bedroom wall.

Hamilton heard the one command, "DOWN!" and he hit the floor.

The sound of Regan's revolver bounced off the walls of Archie's store and the zed's head disappeared.

Conway, dashed across the corridor and into the empty kitchen, "CLEAR!"

The four officers gathered.

"Four so far," said Hamilton.

"Nada, but Briggs and Louise have bought the farm," went on George as he showed the two silver badges he had retrieved from his colleagues tattered clothing.

"OK, George you and Park take the left rooms. Hamilton and I the right," Regan glanced at Square and received his acknowledgement.

Outside the undead shuffled closer.

A Conversation

Hamilton passed his 'in sight' 1d6 and fired. They fell on 5 & 6, missing both shots. Jack passed 2d6, took aim and hit with his first shot.
Conway, entered the kitchen and a R&R card drawn, nothing appeared.
Shots fired: 1,2,3 no zeds.

Turn 4 (Z-3, C-3: Z-4, C-4: Z-6, C-4)

Unbeknown to the occupants the external zeds are all but at the store.

George moved to right of what was clearly the bathroom door, casting a glance through the frosted glance. He fired from his hip, he shotgun round shattering the wooden door.

George Carter fires at shadows.

Conway didn't hesitate, he drove what was left of the door in with his size nine, bursting into the bathroom.


"Bathroom Clear!"

Regan tested the bedroom door and it opened. Carter's shot caused him to spin around as the bedroom door flew open.

Hamilton, looking over Jack's shoulder, was not disturbed, a 'they can look after themselves' thought flashed though his mind, "TO YOUR FRONT!"

Jack swung back into the doorway and was greeted by the sight of Archie Wright feasting on his dead wife. He struggled to compute the tableau. But snapped back into reality as Hamilton's automatic cracked the air. Archie Wright exploded as the rounds smashed into his body.

The double throw revealed an unknown person fires. As there was no one else in the scenario I caused George to be spooked and fire his shotgun. Conway enters the bathroom and an R&R drawn, zero zeds.
Jack and Hamilton enter the remaining bedroom. Jack has to take 'See the Feast' check and pass 2d6. In the meantime Hamilton makes amends for his poor shooting and gets rid of the feasting Archie.

Turn 5 (Z-4; C-1)

Stroking the wooden walls of Wright's store the undead sense delicious meat within, and moan.

Jack checked the corpses, "the woman's Jackie Wright and that thing is, was her husband Archie."

George Carter was leaning on the jamb of the bedroom door, "that leaves the two kids."

"Only two rooms to go guys. Conway, Carter the stock room. Jack, you OK?"

Jack Regan nodded.

"Right ours is the second bathroom. Move!"

Conway and George hit the stockroom door simultaneously, and it flies off its hinges.

The Final Rooms are searched

Hamilton tuned he handle on remaining door and pushed it open. A bright and airy room and one zed greeted him. Adopting a classic stance he squeezed the trigger on his Mauser and a double tap sent the zed to wherever the undead go.

"Kids are here!" cried out Carter, "come little ones time to go."

They stepped hesitantly from behind some cases, eyeing up Conway suspiciously.

"Where's Mummy and Daddy?" asked the taller of the two.

"We'll see them later," went on George extending his left hand to them, keeping the shotgun levelled.

End of turn five.
The team regroup back in the hallway.

"Reload," orders Hamilton, slotting another clip into the magazine of his Bolo Mauser.

Conway, "I'm OK."

"Me too," George.

Jack Regan checked the cylinders on his revolver and replaced the rounds he'd fired.

Hamilton raised his cane, "shhhh."

The group fell silent, a knocking could be heard on the external walls of the house accompanied by a low keening sound.

The bell on store's entrance door tinkled.

George and Conway enter the stockroom and find the kids, as per the scenario. I have no children models so 2 x 15mm creatures stand in.

Jack and Hamilton enter the final room. The R&R card reveals a zombie. Hamilton passes 'in sight' test 2d6 fires and scores.

2 zeds appear, both outside. One to the right middle and one top left corner.


This game is not yet over. The cavalry need to get the rescued to their vehicles and safety with a shed load of zeds in the way. I want to play the second part in the next few days to get on with the rest of the campaign. So watch this space. I'll critique the whole lot at the end.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Bored in Swindon General, thanks & a DIY Game.

First of all THANKS fellers for all your posts and well wishes they are most appreciated. My little sourjon to Swindon Hspl was a fairly serious do and if it was not for the quick thinking of my Nursey Wife I would not be here to post. The medicos still don't know the cause of my potential demise.

Anyway, laid up with no form of entertainment, the hospital does have TV on bedside but its a long story as to why I did not. I remembered a comp. from my youth; 'Write a set of Wargame Rules on a Postcard'. So away I went and came up with race game. Making racers from plastic spoons, a stand/direction marker (which always points north & determines the angle of turn) from a paper pill pot, these along with a dice app on my phone and bits and pieces on a dinning tray/trolley for an ever changing circuit did the biz. After a couple of goes I got the feller in the next bed interested and by the end of my stay we had a little ladder going. Winning the top prize,a bar of chocolate (!). I did feel a bit of a shark as I did write the rules (he, he). This went to Mrs. PZ for Valentine's Day (romance isn't dead).

Spoon Speeders Jockeying through a Gap

Getting tighter

Race to the finish

My loot from Call to Arms.

Well thanks again guys and thanks to the staff at Swindon Hospital for their care.

Next post back to the campaign.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

AAR-Call to Arms, Newbury.

Well I attended CTA last weekend and I must apologise for the late post, but I had a unscheduled stopover in Swindon Hospital. More in another post.

Well CTA was the first convention that I'd been to in decades and I must say that I enjoyed it immensely. Everyone was very friendly and the displays were fun. All the trade stands were full and the staff informative and helpful. Just some photos for you to look at.

A very good SCW set up. Unfortunately the chap's opponent 'cried off' that morning, but he just set it up for eye candy. Nice guy and chatty, just what you want when you march into the hall.

Ancient Greece was popular.

15mm Battle of Heroes, early in the Sparta Wars

Another two cheerful chappies informed and willing to share their game with an inquisitive tyro with a camera.

28mm Battle Set, in front of Troy?

Detail from above game
 A big ACW demonstration game, the battle of Shilo I think, from the books that scattered the edges of the table.

The Confederate right advance

Detail of the Union Line

A Rebel Regiment advancing under a skirmisher shield, left flank.

Newbury & Reading Scale Modellers Club. My photos really don't display the skills and detail in this selection, many others were just too blurred.

Two traditional chaps. Drew up two Medieval Armies on either side of the table and slugged it out!

Trad. Wargaming

There were two participation SciFi games this one based loosely on 'Full Thrust'. I've never seen a space game before and it was spectacular in its simplicity.

Chasing Space Pirates

This and Space Vixens, were very popular with the young fellers, I couldn't get near enough to get a decent photo of the SV game. The runner was/is the author of Dark Horizons in the Wargaming mags. Gary Mitchell a top guy, very pleasant to talk with and DM'd his game well, keeping it moving with the young lads. The only blot on the whole day, and it is a minor one, there were a couple of delegates roaming around these two stands muttering about 'serious' wargames (!?).

The above are pictures from a trade stand, I'm not advertising these guys but the display featured our favourite characters, ZEDS. Saying that the resin based scenery was very well made and VERY reasonably priced. So much so I bought a couple of pieces. If you don't want to see their stand miss out the next pic.

I'll wrap up now. But a big thanks to all the guys & girls at the Newbury & Reading Wargames club for a very good show. I'll certainly be making every attempt to attend some other conventions, that are in striking distance of home or a pal's place. 'Colours' in September will definitely on my list.

+++++++++++++++++++THANKS FOLKS +++++++++++++++++ 

Monday, 6 February 2012

Call to Arms- Newbury 11FEB12

My sister lives not far from Newbury. So I'm scabbing a family weekend at her gaff with the intention of attending my first convention in decades. Any body else out there going?

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Domestic Dispute; An ATZ Batrep

There are a few of reasons that I want to run this scenario. To try out: Firstly; building gaming, secondly, my scenery. Thirdly, and play my way through HAVEN. Fourthly, test the use of less able characters and finally, to use my ‘Risk and Reward’ (R&R) cards.

Bob Louis & Dave Briggs
House rules: Unless a room is occupied, as per the scenario, then an R&R card is drawn. I am only interested in the zombie element, so all other aspects of the card were ignored. Both officers rolled on the civilian charts, to accentuate their incompetence. Back up in the form of Regan et al. will arrive on game turn seven d6+1.

Arch. Wright's Store
Turn 1

The borrowed State Penitentiary vehicle pulled up outside Arch. Wrights’ bait store at the junction of Moor’s turnpike and Donkey Drive. Officers Bob Louis and Dave Briggs alight and approach the building.  Mounting the porch, they can hear screaming from inside, Dave checks the door and it opens.

“After you,” he said indicating to his partner with a tilt of his head.

“I’m always going first.”

“That’s ‘cause the light shining off your head dazzles anyone inside and gives us the tactical advantage.”

“Tactical advantage, my…” Bob Louis was shoved through the now open door.

The shop is empty the shelves are bare.

‘What’s inside roll 9: ‘Screaming is heard from inside.’ The door is checked and a 4 rolled, ‘closed but unlocked.’ R&R zero zombies.
Bob & Dave arrive in their borrowed car.
Turn 2

The officers draw their nightsticks and tentatively pick there way through the store. A double door is behind the counter and a single door to the right behind the shelving.

Briggs & Louis enter Arch. Wright's store

“OK, clever clogs,” chirped Louis, “which one?”

“The double doors.”


“’Cause I’m nearer them.”

“Well I’m nearer this one.”

“Usual rules.”

The two officers engaged in a round of rock, paper scissors.

“Scissors always win,” smirked Bob, turning the handle on the single door.

A Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

They enter the main corridor. Nothing.

The Hallway

Straight d6 vs d6 roll for RPS game, 2-6, Bob winning.  R&R card zero zombies.

Turn 3

Bob turns to the left, looking up the hallway. Dave opens the door to their right and enters the bedroom.

Dave blanches as a blood stained creature charges at him from the bedside. Dave Briggs let out an almighty scream as the stinking beast falls on him.

An Angry Zed

Swinging his club he manages to beat the zed back. It comes again, but a reverse strike catches the figure on it’s left temple sending it crashing to the ground.

Bob, pops his head into the room, “get out of the wrong side of bed. Did he?”

“Wrong side of bed, wrong side of bed! Where you born an idiot or does in come naturally. Looks like he got out of the wrong side of the grave.”

A dispatched Zed

“We’ll check him out later, got to find Arch., Becky and the kids.”

The scenario called for a zombie. Dave took the ‘Zed or no Zed’ test; and produced a zombie, his ‘face to face’ test and the zombie charged. Two rounds of melee R1: (Z) 1-1,4,5,6: R 2: 5-2; zed OOF.

Turn 4.

Louis enters the kitchen. Briggs remained outside in the hallway.

Bob Checks out the Kitchen

“Dave, there’s blood everywhere, it’s as bad as Nozzer’s bedroom.”

“Nothing is as bad as Nozzer’s bedroom.”

Bob leaves the kitchen as Dave turns and opens the door behind him.

R&R card reveals zero zombies.

Turn 5.

The Card (Thanks Zombie Ad!)

The room is in darkness as both officers enter.

“Bloody hell Bob, have you let one rip?” asks Briggs and an overpowering smell assailed his nostrils.

“I thought it was you,” answered his partner as he crept into the centre of the darkened room.

Dave flicked the light switch. The illumination revealed a dishevelled living room and three figures. All three roared and descended upon the duo.

'Bloody Hell!'

Faced with two creatures Bob swung his baton at the nearest, missing his intended target. One grabbed his shoulder spinning him into the second, the last thing Officer Bob Louis thought as the second creature ripped his still beating heart from his chest, was, ‘did I leave the gas on?”

Louis Down (two turns of feasting)

Dave Briggs took up a defencive stance and managed to ward off the initial onslaught. He felt his nightstick shatter the outstretched forearm of his assailant. The zed came at him again. Attack being the best form of defence he went for the beast and the creature fell back. With a wild forward swing Dave Briggs chanced a finishing stroke. He missed. He had no time to dwell on his technique, or think of some witty departing  comment as darkness overcame him, as the flesh from his throat was torn out.

Endgame, in the Living (?) Room.

The R&R card revealed three (!) zeds.
Zed or No Zed: Bob: 4,2 : Dave: 1,6.
Being charged: Both pass 2d6.
As he was nearer to them Bob Louis fell foul of two of them: R1- (Zs) 1; 2: 4,4,2,1.
 R 2: - (Zs) 2;3 : 6,5. Feasting two turns.

Bob’s fight: R1: 1:  4,4,2,1. R2 – 2:5,4.

Thoughts: Good game. Just game, when you have the time it is so much fun. I chose not to use the attributes given to Briggs and Louis (as I forgot them) but to balance it out they rolled on the civilian charts. Subsequently I learnt that civilians don’t stand much of a chance if they are not heavily armed, or have the protection of some ‘trained’ personnel.  Nor do low rep. characters.

Lord knows why Briggs and Louis did not draw their firearms, but I doubt if they would have got a shot off. Bad luck in melee dice throws contributed to their demise, but how long would they have lasted as the infection increased.

The scenery worked well, although it took time setting it up. In future I think I may build the whole set first and move from room to room as opposed to setting up each room as they enter (too time consuming). Plus I need to work on my photography, scene setting and close up focus.

Epilogue: With back up on the way, the Wrights still not found/rescued and zombies roaming the building, my next scenario is sorted, as a side bar to the HAVEN rulebook. But is that not the nature of ATZ? The game determines the route it will take. Great fun!