Saturday, 30 July 2011

The QWIK Project

Well I got my Mayans, and a nice set they are too. I like the moulding of Ceasar Miniatures. I've had them a week or so but figures take more work then scenery so I gave them a cursory glance and left them 'til this morning to study them. Here's a photo of all the poses.

Still not focused well enough!
Better shots available on (a well worth a visit site). I quite like the funky look with the feathers. Just a little work and they'd back a decent  dogtown team.

Clearly these chaps and these ones;

are going to be the core of the Drives. Whilst these;

will become the lighter Qwiks. A bit more re-modelling and they should be fairly promising. But they're cheap enough to cut in half, chop and change body parts and play around with my new favourite 'Green Stuff' and see what comes out.

The background is one of the iconic shots from the movie. The printer chose to print it in this manner, not the setting sun shot, but I don't mind. The black and blue has a certain other world ambiance, well that's what I think.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Days off

Well the kids are off for the big holiday, sadly my leave got refused so we can't all go away together. So it's another year of days out etc. On the bright side I may get more of a chance for modelling and gaming. The last two days, apart from family stuff, I finished off some scenery but didn't manage to play the scenario I wished for. Although I did write house rules to fit my world.

The shack on Donkey Drive

Jim Bob Joe's still

Various Bases

Friday, 22 July 2011


Sorry no pictures (more practice there needs to be done). Thanks to whoever said that blogging helps to focus your gaming, think it was 'Zombie Ad' you sage. But now I've restarted, I've finished off some scenery (just need to flock them), varnished my civvies, primed some zombie dogs and babes. Written some house rules for my version of NZCDTG.  But best of all I've practiced using Green Stuff, thanks to a tip to look on the web (Vampifan). Bloody fun stuff that is! Roll on my thoughts for juggers. All this and been for a pint or two of cider at my club ( played cricket with the boys and had a great night's sleep. Ready for another round in the ring of work on Saturday. Take care gang until we speak again.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Return

It has been some time since my last post and well it's all about getting used to my new way of life. Thanks to governmental austerity measures I got shifted from my previous role to front line three shift duties. As such it appears that my time is the evening of my monthly weekend off and mornings before late or EP duty, which will soon end as the summer holidays are here. So what have I done?

Finished off basing my civilians & police.

I base them on two pence pieces, skim some putty (a £1.00 tub from Poundland) add a wash of paint and then flock those that need flocking.

Once finished I wash the figures with black and varnish them. The shiney bit on my cutting board is clear 'sticky back' plastic ( yes Valerie Singleton's BP generation) it allows me to paint and do messy things without damaging the board.

The civilan picture was too blurred (more close up practice needed, any tips?). But some of these boys will be out next week in my version 'Nazi Zombies come down to Georgia.' (on lates and EP's) 'Zombie Moonshiners come down to North Carolina'

After that I wanted to move further into some of Ed's scenarios and 'Giving up the Goat' required some chucacabras (?) a bit of internet trawling (not as amusing as Angry Lurkers) gave me some photos. A 'bag o'zombie dogs', a blade and some 'green stuff' produced these. Undercoating and painting these beasts and their Z.Dog cousins for a pack is next weeks (months) project. The original is the one without the GS on.

I've never used 'green stuff' before and found it fabulous! I've usually just used plastacine. I found it a bit difficult to manipulate. Anybody got tips or websites that can help. It's so good I want to get better at its use.

Once that's done I want to try taking my crew to Haven & the ATZ. In the meantime I've ordered some Ceasar 'Mayans' from (a good online store) with the knife and the glue and the old green stuff I hope to produce a couple of 'Jugger' teams for a game of 'Qwik'. If all goes well I will try and blog every stage of that conversion.

I've kept up being selfish and reading your blogs (and not blogging myself) it's GREAT such a diversion and a release from my working life (it's only 5 years since I last worked the streets, but so much has changed). Keep up the good work.