Wednesday, 31 October 2012

NOT my 100th post!!!

Another late post. Once again due to failing health, and another weeks stay at hospital on i/v antibiotics. Thank heavens for modern medicine and the NHS, damn getting older! However it was somewhat on post as I was initially treated for necrotizing fasciitis (cute & zombie like, but not something you want to take to a party!)

Back to the plan. This was supposed to be my 100th blog. The start of 'The BIG GAME'; Police, Military, gangers, civilians and hordes of zombies trying to escape 'Purgatory'. As it happens all I could manage over the last fortnight was to tidy up the shanty shacks. So it's not my 100th blog it's my 99th 1/2 one.

So here they are for your delectation.

I undercoated the cardboard and pizza base models in grey. I forgot about the 'melting effect' of the paint. Which didn't effect the cardboard but actually gave the pizza base models a real fired look as it melted and rounded off the sharp edges, it also bent a couple of beams and pitted the walls/floors. A technique I will use again. Then just coated the various parts in suitable colours. Went to hospital.

Cut up some newspaper, pasted to the various buildings. With an unsteady hand outlined some panels on the shanties.

Highlighted the fire damage and washed the lot with black.

I must admit I just wanted to get it done and over with. They're not great but I think en masse with other bits and pieces I may get away with it.

Anyway take care out there and look after your health (we often take it so much for granted.)

All the best and thanks for reading,


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ruined Shantys from Pizza Bases

Just a quick post to finish off my shanty building project. I wanted some ruins as I felt that the rampaging would have resulted in some burnt down properties. Cardboard didn't hold together so I tried the pizza bases. Here's the results.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

More Shantys:WIP

Hi all you out there in ZBA land. This weeks post as I said last week would be just an update on increasing the size of Purgatory. I just wanted bulk not anything greatly detailed so I turned to a cardboard box.

Tools and material

Basic Box Shantys

Wrinkly Tin from a Coffee cup holder
As it 'offset it needs 'squaring up'

Adding detail: corrugated iron, opening doors/windows, adding drinking straw stovepipes.

 Just slap a bit of paint,a bit more detail and hey presto. A couple of hours in the man tent.

With luck another week and a few more shacks and the game'll be afoot.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

End Game (maybe)

As with the outing of FFO and the demise of Team Vampifan and I'm approaching my 100th post. I am considering drawing my 'Purgatory' campaign to a close. Subsequently, I've decided to have a megagame. Haven scenarios actually provide that opportunity with the last three 'military' games. Well that's my plan.

In order to complete it I need to create this feast I need to build a couple more boards and several new shanty shacks. This'll take a couple of weeks so I may not post as regularly. If I do it'll just be building updates.

I wonder if all will end well for Jack, Gunny and their teams. But as we all know the game has a habit of dictating what happens.

Keep up the good works I do follow your posts if I don't always comment.