Sunday, 31 March 2013


An Easter Scene? (up our way)

Happy Easter, may all your troubles be chocolate ones!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Chase 'Episode 1'- ATZ, BATREP, AAR

Special Agent Hamilton Square had fled the collapse of Purgatory's quarentine and was now making his way across country to the safety of Moor City.
To give Hamilton a chance there are some house rules in play and I'm using a mixture of  House Rules (HR), BDTZ & IZ. The first HR is that PEFs would be created on gunfire (as opposed to zeds as they are feeding in the shanty). The PEFs would locate on the far edge of the table using the same rules as the players placement. HS has also dropped a Rep for tiredness and is now a four. How would that serve him as his five had saved his life in more then one scenario? To find out please read on!
Turn 1 (4-1)
Hamilton had made good time, but then the going was soft. He was moving parallel with the only path heading in his direction. If trouble was to come it would do so on a road. The ground began to shift to gently rolling hills. In the distance he could see the refelction of a river and orientated himself to his mind map. Still a fare stride but once over the water he was on the home stretch. He reckoned that there would be a bridge or ford along the road way, then safety. The hilly country shielded his view of the road so Hamilton pushed his way to the crest of an overlookng rise.
He smelt them before he saw them. A decaying, rotting, putrid smell. Crawling to the brow he looked down on the bridge as two zeds shambled along his only way to safety.
Rolling up gave two chasers. Each character would enter the table according to a  1d6 roll and entering on a section corosponding to that roll. The zeds threw a 1 and ended up on the road. HS a 4 and came on board behind one of the hills. This was fortuatous as the zeds moved first.

Turn 2 (1-5)
Hamilton rolled onto his back and checked his pistol for the umpteeth time since leaving Purgatory and took stock. If he could leave the zeds to rumble on they'd get tied up in the village. He could then slip around the creatures and loose them in the forest beyond. He heard the sound of feet being dragged along wood. They were on the bridge and had not located him.
Turn 3 (2-1)

Hamilton had all  the time in the world and he let the undead make their way along he path. From his vantage he planned his next move. 'Over the bridge, take the left flank, laager up in the cemetery and reassess from there."

He watched the creatures enter the village and he slipped over the hill's crest and moved to the crossing.

Fairly self explainatory. HR if HS throw a 6 on his activation the zeds 'sense' him and will make towards his position.

Turn 4

Zeb Jones, his wife Emma and their son Elijah cowered inside their shack. The family had been aware of the troubles at the shanty town but hey felt that they were too ar away to be bothered by it. But when Zeb saw a coupleof figures shuffling over the bridge he assumd the worst. Gathering his family together inside their home he preped his shotgun. Outside they could hear the creatures scrapping along their wall.

Hamilton glanced to his right and hoped that it was not people that were atracting the zeds.

Just straight forward movement this turn. There is a bit of artistic licence here as the game didn't produce the Jones' for aother two moves.

Turn 5 (3-4)

Major Square cursed as his old war wound began to play up and slow him down it would take longer then he'd planned to make the cemetery.

The first zed moaned sending a shiver down Zeb's back and he clung tighter to his smoothbore. The shack door flew open and the Jones' faced a fight for their lives.

Zeb loosed both barells and one of the creatures was lifted from its feet and thrown into the wall. The second twitched as pellets tore into its left arm and shoulder and lunged at Emma.
She swung her skillet at the creatures head, missed and the momentum spun her around. The zed took its cue and it buried it teet into Emma's exposed neck. The woman collapsed and was followed to the ground by her assailant.
What was once a human beig  began to rip at the downed woman, tearing her flesh and forcing the bloodied chunks into it's mouth.
Eliajh could take no more, he dropped the baseball bat he was clutching an ran screaming from the hut.

The zeds burst through an unlocked door and attacked the family. These were generaed by a R&R (one would be frawn in every building)  card,givng 3 survivors. HR military led to one of the fleeing officers from the previous scenario, if not then the last building would hold them both.  One shot hit and OOF a zed the oter attacked and beat Emma. Elijah failed his see the feast and sanity test. 2 PEFs were created. A  Rep 5 PEF was created and entered in zone 3, a  Rep 2 in zone 1.

Turn 6 (5-2-2) (Reroll-5-2) (Random Event 11)

Hamilton made it to the relative safety of gravestones. Crouching behind one of the largest he cursed again. This time in a hope that the gunfire would not bring more zombies. Something to his left caught his eye. Warily, he made his way between the memorials. 

"Sarn't Ski!"

Police Sergeant Connor Ski looked up at the Special Agent, his face pale and drawn. Hamilton could see beyond his palor.

"Come on man," he said squatting next to him, "listen, we can get out of here and in one piece."

Connor Ski shook his head, "I've let them all down; Al, Jack all them civvies."

"No son, there was nothing you could do. Listen Nozzer and Sonny are still out there. You know where?"

The colour began to come back to the sergeant's face, "he's in one of them shacks."

"Come on then lad, see to your pistol and let's go and find your mate."

With only the cops moving. The random event (RE) BDTZ showed that the character would hunker down and end the scenario. I adapted it for this game: HS got straight to the cemetery and safety. He threw for which of the retired officers he would find got CS and manged to rally him. Connor has also lost a Rep point and is now a 3.

Episode 2 will follow shortly as I want this scenario 'blogged up' before Tuesday (more anon).
Thanks for reading and have a HAPPY EASTER.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Finished Terrain

A fortnight ago I started on some 'credit card' scenery. Well its 'lates' week again and I've managed to finis them off.

Trench System and HQ dugout
From the Front
 (forgot to paint the tank traps) 

Another View

I also rolled up fr the terrain for my ATZ 'chase' game from 'Long Rifle' rules and this is what it looked like.

How it converted to the table

From Hamilton's Perspective.

Well gang I hope it's not too bad where you live. Speak to you soon.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Snow Day Modelling

With no paternal duties to perform, just a bit of ferrying I was able to tidy up some projects that I had started.
My Anglican League Company

LDV/armed civvies cleaned and undercoated (Ceasar Partisans and Underground Resistors)

FT 17 Sqn (and a sailor*)


*  A pal of mine makes model tugs. I've painted up some figures for him before and this is his latest. He wasn't impressed with the 20p pirate captain that I got him, so I've done some 'green stuff' on it. He still has his wooden leg, but now it's real wood. The Captain, not my pal.

+ Yet another mate (Jeff) has five sons and they seem to live on pizza. He is my pizza base supplier. The latest incarnation of these are some terraced hills. I thought I'd do these and run my next zed game in 3D. The Hills have Eyes, but with zeds.

Far too much time

Keep warm out there.


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Prequel to 'The Chase': ATZ Campaign.

Major Square takes Stock.
Major Hamilton Square didn’t stop moving until the screams of those that were caught by the massive horde that swarmed out of Purgatory had diminished. He collapsed onto a tuft of grass and checked the chaos that was behind him.

Languid smoke trails drifted straight upwards into the pale blue sky. He could see the odd figure skulking among the charred buildings. Apart from them moving slower with an awkward gait there was nothing to suggest the carnage that had been visualised by those residents.

He checked his pistol. Five rounds in the magazine and a further eleven in his pockets. That equated to two full loads and one for himself, should he need it.

Moor City turnpike would soon be the main route for the compilation of un-dead in search of their next feed. Regan, Carter and Carver (a civilian) had headed off that way whilst he had made his way into the hinterland beyond the road. Hamilton mentally conjured up a map of the Moor City suburbs. If he trekked a couple of miles North he would hit the cattle yards south of the river. A road bridge there would take him into the city, proper. Even these yokels must realise that bridges must be barricaded and manned and that meant safety.

‘North it is then Hamilton. Anyway those two cops went this way,” he said to immediately chastised himself for talking to no one.

Pushing himself upright, he holstered his pistol and headed, cross-country, towards Moor City.

Hamilton had retreated when the fence line collapsed. As it did so a massive zombie horde spilt from Purgatory. They descended upon those rioting survivors, and this had kept them satisfied whilst Regan, Carter, Carver and Square got away. The next episode is a crossover scenario between ‘Long Rifle’ and ATZ (BDTZ), ‘the chase’. Details will be in the ‘prologue’ of the batrep.

Good Luck to you all.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Modelling 2; Terrain Bits

Gosh it's taken me ages to catch up on all your blogs, but I've really enjoyed it. Love the batreps. I've commented on those that have enabled me to do so.

Take 2 of my lates week modelling tasks.

Project Ace (1930's phonetics): The Credit Card Dugout (HQ)

Pizza base walls, stirrer planking and BBQ stick posts.

A Front View

Filler 'soil' walls added, table and boards.

I'm now looking for something to roof it with. Cardboard at back didn't work.(Why this is underlined I do not know!)

 Project Baker: An Hotel.

My VBCW project is going to use Charles Grant's Tabletop Teasers as a playtest guide. For those who do not know; in the late 70's/early 80's a series of articles were written in  a wargaming mag posing certain tactical problems. They were 'period' bound but can be adapted. To wargamers of my vintage they tend to be rembered with a degree of fondness. They can be found here.

The base

Brickwork, shingles and windows.
The 'Hotel'. The extension to the left is modern, but I guess you got that.

Just a Reminder.

We all get alot of joy from our hobby but some have done it for real (and paid a high price)! A by-pass was built a few years ago cutting off the village. The field through which it went was the site of a plane crash during WW2. A USAF pilot, having been hit and unable to make it home, in the selfless way of many of that generation, crashed his plane into the fields at the rear of Saugall, rather then 'go down' in the urban area of Birkenhead a few miles to the east. The by-pass has this plaque on it in commeration of that act.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Modelling, modelling, modelling

Had a slack, but cold, weekend. The boiler packed in so I had to wait in for a fixing person, the eldest heir was in the big city going to a footy match, the Viscountess was in bed after a night shift and the littlest was happy to play on his own and draw.

This gave me the opportunity to do nothing but model. I completed and based (save for the flocking)  a BUF Company. They are Emhar 'Doughboys', very nice models they are too. 

Based ready for theatre.

Advancing through some thick swath.

Must try harder with close up photos!

I undercoated the trench system I made last week, to finish off this week. Started another 'Orange Carton' project. Cleaned up some Airfix WW1 French Infantry (Anglican League), undercoated same. Then build and undercoated a squadron (6) of FT 17's. The plan is to use these as multi-force armour so there'll be a pretty bland colour scheme on them.

And I finally began a credit card HQ complex for the aforementioned trenches.

Part 1

Part 2

NB: The boiler got fixed in time for the 6 Nations rugger matches, this was a blow as I had no excuse to go to my club. Oh well can't have everything! Anyway it's another three weeks 'til I can have a pint again, so no great hardship.

Look after yourselves, and thanks for popping by.


Sunday, 10 March 2013

Anyone interested?

Any on interested in the above event. I thought if we all make an effort to play a zed game on the 30th and post our bareps. We could populate  ZBA with all sorts of stuff.

I'm game.

Site is a:

See you around.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Bit of Terrain 2

Those of you who were worrying about your offspring messing up your gaming, pay heed. The get older and cheekier and if you have more then one; they gang up on you!

So there they were tittering (and I don't like Tittering, in fact I don't like any RAF bases) as I put together the road blocks out of various different bits of rubbish. The eldest heir (14) says, 'It's a bit meffi playing with rubbish Dad.'

I reply, 'you can model with anything son.' A schoolboy error, I'd knocked on in my own 22. The pair disappear into the kitchen. Que more tittering.

The Challenge
'Go 'ead then Dad, there's a 'Subway' on this,' and he presented this:

'Speak properly,' says I.

Well this is what I did with it.

Half way through

The balcony is a cut up tangerine box left over from Christmas. The windows and doors are WWG. The walls are just some downloaded textures.

The Finished Item

It did give me some food for thought maybe a couple taped together for one of those interwar town house blocks of flats that ended up as tenements in the '70s.

Thanks for popping by. I had some IT problems with the earlier post sorry for its quality.

As old Jack Burton would say, 'Never drive faster then you can see!'


A Bit of Terrain

It was my week of lates so last weekend I prepped and undercoated a box of plastic WW1 'Doughboys' to paint up. However the Viscountess and the Lord had other things planned. Monday saw me spending the morning transporting trash to the tip; Tuesday and Wednesday was spent under medical attention sorting out my drug regimen and blood tests, they weren't able to stop my heart last week as my blood was too thick. So no painting. I did manage to grab a couple of hours a day for our hobby and to put together some bits of terrain.  All built on credit card size bits of plastic and off cuts. All require painting and finishing.

Ditto from the Front

A Trench with Tank Traps

Cards, sliced in half, ripped up sponge to hedging 
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