Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Adventures in North Carolina- Chapter 3-Introduction

It was early fall a year on from the plague. I was enjoying the evening sunset, sitting on my porch cleaning my shotgun and watching my hound run about chasing ghost rodents.  Now most folks will tell you that a good oiling never hurt no gun, but me I like to clean my gun with a neat dribble of moonshine. It sure brings up the gun and stock right shiny and my ‘Lilith’ looks as young an’ fresh as the day my Pa gave her to me. I fills me a pipe, pours myself a shot and commence to clean. Happy in life.

I heard the jalopy a good ten minutes before I seen it and when I did I was surprised to see it was a Bulls’ car. I slipped my flask of oil under the porch and rose to greet my visitors.

“Evening Ernest,” says Sergeant Lynch as the vehicle pulled to a halt.

“Sergeant Lynch,” says I, “been a while.”

Two officers, my old compardres, from the plague times, Officers Jack Regan and George Carter, accompanied the Sergeant. They were all looking dusty and tired.

“Coffee?” I ask.

“Sounds good,” replies the Sergeant, and I goes and sticks on a pot.

A short time later I’m out with four mugs of Joe.

“Any cream?” Carter hints. I glance at Lynch who just smiles and I pass around the gun oil.

“What brings you boys out this way?”

“Just passing, Ernie. We’ve been up past the Pedersen place. There’s been a report of some roamers up there.”

‘Roamers’ were the name that had been given to those persons that had fallen to ‘the sickness’ of last year and had not been dealt with in the razing of Purgatory.  They stumbled around the backwoods looking for prey. Occasionally they made it to town but were soon dealt with and it fell to the cops to keep them in check.

“You get ‘em?”

“Nope, we just aint got the time to spend trackin’ em down. Can’t say it’s a decent job, we got more then our work cut out in the city.”

I took a sip from my fortified coffee; “maybe I could take a look up there for you?”

Lynch pursed his lips and shot a glance at Carter, who shrugged, “don’t see why not,” says he, “Ernie was there with us and he knows what he’s up against.”

Lynch looked back at I, “OK Ernie. I tell you what if I can square it with the council maybe we could get you a bounty for any you clean. You bring us back proof of your cleaning and I’ll see to it you get a fair price.”
“Expenses as well?”

“Shot only.”

“Up by the Pedersen place, you say?”


“I’ll be on it at first light.”

We pass the next hour on idle jibber jabber, sippin' joe and 'gun oil', just watching Buck chase his imaginary rabbits. When the cops climbed aboard their vehicle they bade me farewell and left. I suppose that was my first commission and the start of my new career.

Blog Babe

Last week's  1/2 coconut went once again to Zabadak, with the film title, "The Coffin of Dr Calgari." the Zed Babe was Lil Dagover.

This week's zombie babe is?

Batrep to follow in next publication.

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

New Character (WIP) for New Campaign.

Enthusiasm is running rife for my Zombie World, it's a great escape from the reality. As mainly the ATZ world is based on you encountering the zeds I decided to design and make a character to portray me and to get a grip of this ongoing battle with 'green stuff'.

First: Find a suitable figure.

The Lucky Winner is.

A head swap with an ANZAC

I fancied myself as a bit of a loner wandering the wilderness in one of those long dust coats. So began the ongoing 'green stuff' battle. 
Left over 'Green Stuff' modelled into equipment

Coat on
A new cane added

and a sawn-off shotgun in a holster.

A few more bits to do and welcome to Brother Bob

This blog's babe is? 

From now on they all will have connections to zombie movies.
 I think she will even stump the valiant Zabadak (well worth a visit if you're into modelling Pimps for guessing the last beauty.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

FFO-SITREP & your weekly Pretty Lady test.

You know the feeling when you get back to work after time off and you think everything has changed fro the better and then within a couple of hours your holiday is a long distant memory. Well it didn't happen to me this year. I came back to find that of the three of us in the office one had been redeployed to another department and the other had been sacked from the role, meaning that when I got back I found that my workload had tripled. Whop de do! Hence no gaming/modelling loveliness.
I did seek solace in reading FFO. On my first scan I felt a bit ripped off as most of it seemed to be a rehash. But saying that I realised that it is in fact a decent development. Sadly, it makes some of the other supplements a bit redundant. Saying that the idea of THW is to have fun and like our pal Zabadak I've taken to adapting bits an pieces. The THW zombie world game would seem to flow a bit smoother. Watch this space for developments, time permitting.

But I did bring some beautiful cider back from Normandy, the one I'm sipping now has a toffee flavour. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of Zabadak he gets the virtual coconut for correctly identifying Veronica LAKE as the weekly beauty. This week's lady is a fair (even though she is a beautiful brunette) bit easier to guess, but none the less, less lovely.