Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope that you have a pleasant and peaceful time, wherever you may be.

May you all find something in Christmas stockings.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Jolly Boys Outing. Sort of AAR (but not really)

I was hoping to post a batrep today but I never realised how busy this week turned out to be and yesterday some of the lads and I went on a our Jolly Boys' annual pub crawl. Let me take you there in lieu of an AAR.

We all met at the Victoria Monument.

How it looked in 1941
Scousers are proud of this statue and it's is known as Queen Vic's Dick. She holds a mitre in her right but at a certain angle, well !

Queen Vic's Dick
We hit the 'CORNMARKET' first. One of the oldest pubs in the city with major connections to the shipping industry. It has two entrances on two different streets,because it was once two inns.

 And so it began......

The Slaughter House Dates back to the Reign of George III
Infamous in the 1990's Spice Boys scandal

Followed by a wee stroll around and some sightseeing in our own city.

Town Hall
Bank of England
       During WW2 the Nation's gold bullion was moved to this bank for safe keeping and rapid evacuation to Canada, should it be required. Many years ago I ran a game based on German Paras dropping into the city to seize the gold and transport it to a waiting U-Boat. Damn nearly made it too. It was also subject of a David Jason drama in 1993 called the Bullion Boys(as good an actor as he is, his scouse accent was shocking!)

A Crib at the top of the Main Shopping Street

Some street life

The Eleanor Rigby Statue, dressed for Christmas

Now you don't come to Liverpool and not get a dose of the famous four.

Our final destination was, 'The Grapes' on Matthew Street. Renowned as the pub where 'The Beatles' used to pop in for a couple of pints between gigs at  'The Cavern' which was about fifty feet up the road.

Like most British cities everywhere you turn there's history and a vibrant social life. This was just a quick trip for a few hours around a very small area of the city. There's plenty more. Even if you're not into the music there's so much more and for guys like us the military side is just as rife. Some time in the spring I may take you for a military tour of the city. Hope you enjoyed this trip it is a bit of an AAR.


Sunday, 15 December 2013

A return, an explaination and an end!

An Explanation.
Hi all! it is good to be back and have the time again to do things that one likes. The reason I was off line for a month was that there was a major restructuring at work any many depts. got centralised at the beginning of this month. This has been on the cards for six months but those that are paid a lot more then I didn't realise its significance. So I ended up having to do three months work in a month! Bosses were just sent to try us! So that's done now.

An End
I mentioned a 'major change' in my last post. Well that time came, and I have finished working. I actually retire at the end of February next year, but with leave and time owing I no longer have to go in until I hand in my uniform and warrant card in February. Where did thirty years of my life go? Saying that I've had a TERRIFIC career and enjoyed every minute, I consider myself so lucky to have worked in an environment that I loved so much.

The Future
I need to find another job. But in the mean time it's back to gaming for now. I owe you all a batrep and I'll get that done before Christmas. Then it'll be the annual New Year plans.

So thanks for popping by. I've kept my sanity my updating myself on your postings, thanks.

Mind How you go!