Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Mea Culpa, mea maxima culpa!

Well I got bitten by the 'there's something better' bug and have been tempted by 'A Very British Civil War!'

Members of the Cheshire Division

As such my Zombie gaming has slid a bit and the 'Long Rifle' project has stalled completely.

Wirral Volunteers in Training

Now as I have no rules for this period I spent the week writing my own. 'Bolsheviks Do Not Play Cricket!' This was allot more difficult and time consuming then I thought when I embarked on it. Well I completed them today and they're an IGOUGO; HG Wells, Charles Grant, Donald Featherstone style d6 romp. I must admit I found the experience very rewarding and good escapism.

Army of Liverpool Unload a Shipment of AC's

In my defence, I do have a start as my current project is set in that time frame and I have a couple of boxes of unpainted figures, plus my civilians fit.

How long will this sideline last? I've got to, at least, play test my rules. The Six Nations starts this weekend! Will I get a zed  game in?

Tune in next week for more of Lorcan's Fickle World.

Thanks for reading. Try and keep dry.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Rushed Post- Colonial Hamlet

Now everything is sort off back to normal, time has become a premium and I can't see it getting any quieter for the next month or so. But can live in hope. I rushed these together and will transfer it to the Plastic Mohican site when I get the campaign going.

A Little Shack

A Lean Too and a yard in the making. Teddy Bear fur grass/corn.

The Barn.

They all need a bit of tarting up, doors, chimneys etc. Paint all round and lets see. I did go for the ramshackle look to make it rough and ready. I'm happy with the houses but the barn?

The Protagonists.
 Note to self! Zombie game this weekend and start on this project ASAP. If not I may succumb to VBCW, I here the Major in me calling.

Stay warm and dry gang.


P.S.  Sorry about the quality but I still don't have a Microsoft computer and I'm struggling to get a feeling for this MAC. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Non-Hobby related, The Wedding.

Well the 'stag night' that led to the knee incident came to fruition yesterday and my pal tied the knot. This is not hobby related, I think its just a nice story.

It's a bit of a modern romance. They met playing Internet poker and fell in love. Paul's 67 and Suzzie is ?????. She lived in Australia and he lives not far from me. A couple of years ago she migrated to the UK, during that last great snow, with nothing but a pullover to keep her warm, she had no concept of what REAL cold is like. She is so lovely and bubbly she fitted straight into our life, apart from the cold and damp. Anyway two years later they went to the Town Hall got spliced.

Wallasey Town Hall from the front

I've had to use an old photo as the weather was so overcast. It's a magnificent building facing out onto the Mersey. It's only when people from out of the area visit you that you realise the wealth in your home town.

The Grand Staircase

The Happy Couple

 All the best to them both. I wish them great happiness.

The knee's better and I barely limp now, thank you for all your 'well wishes.' But it has meant that I couldn't stand at the kitchen island after work and cook this week so the Viscountess had too. As such I was able to make some moves on my colonial hamlet. Pictures later this week. However the free time did place before me temptation in the shape of some batreps for 'A Very British Civil War'. Can I resist?

Take care in the snow and from the sayings of Old Jack Burton; 'Never drive faster then you can see!' 


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Un-productive Hobby Week (and a smashed knee)

Now one of the issues about the public sector cuts is that it has forced 'Estates' to rationalise the, well estate. Subsequently the garage at our place has been filled with broken furniture (that's the criminal bit, the sheer volume of stuff!) So I liberated a quad of broken MDF cupboard walls and decided to make a gaming board. I did not have a great deal of time as I was out on a stag do (more anon). So here it is.

The tools. Top middle are some Registration Plate Screws

The VRM Screws go into the base. this raises it above the table and makes it easier to move, if the games not finished and protects the dining table.

Measure and cut the railway scenic grass (about £3-4 from a model shop)

PVA glue.

Roll  out the 'grass'

Ruffle it a bit for texture

I've done 4 to give the smaller boards a bit of variety. Problem is when all together it looks a bit too checkered. But a wargaming board for less then a tenner.

That was it for the day. The stag do went too well and I tripped (?) on the way home. Now my left knee is the size of a football. Hey self inflicted wounds I can't complain, just got to get on with it.

Doubt if I'll anything done this week either, ongoing work project is maddness ('til Feb)  and the wedding is Saturday. Tie me in 'bubble-wrap' and let me loose.

Have a good week folks.


Monday, 7 January 2013

Inter Festivities Project.

What can I make of this?
Well between Christmas and New Year I needed something to regain my sanity. A game was out of the question as Viscountess wouldn't let me use the dining table for a couple of days. But I was allowed to do some modelling as my work bench is more of a man tent then a man cave.

I decided to make a log cabin for my 'Long Rifle' project and for the Muskets and Zombies scenario.

Tools for the job: My new Guillotine.
I did make a plan but I didn't photo it.
The basic blanks (a barn and stable)

Roof and shingles of cardboard.

External walls of Bar-b-que sticks and stirrer panels

Just needs painting, as per 300th WI magazine (what a great read!) and it's done. The other buildings to follow and presto a Colonial Hamlet. Hmm let's see.

A Stag do to organise this weekend (he's 60+ you'd think he'd have learnt by now) will curtail any gaming. But let's hope for next week.

Thanks for reading. Catch up to you soon. 

All the best, Lorcan.