Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh Yes! Another end of year report

Time for a bit of introspection. How well did I do with my resolutions? I looked at the post for this time last year:

Well it is that time for reflection. My biggest thing for last year was joining this community. The friendship of you ALL and the pure joy of reading your blogs, batreps and adventures has been a pure pleasure. So what for the new year. Well I have a medical procedure to look forward to in April (cardioversion, stopping and rebooting your heart) which means a big lifestyle change and a regimen of drugs.

Weirdly, this paragraph is a bit prophetic. Apart from the joining bit, it's now continuing with this community. The infection I got back in November put my heart back into AF, so the rest remains the same.

But that is nothing to what I want to do: 
Blog at least once a week: I got a post in every week and some months even more. +1
An ATZ game a month: I failed in January, Sept. & Oct But over all I got 17 games and BATREPS posted so I'm giving myself another score + 2.

Sort out my figures and go with Vampifan down the card model town lane: I got no new figures to sort out (a failure for a gamer) - 1. I went down the modelling lane instead of card models. I built a shantytown, some forest scenery and a cabin (my inter Christmas/New Year Project) +1.

 I'm also torn about starting a QWIK tourney and THW's new 'Long Rifle' game: No QWIK tournament but the forest and the log cabin as well as painting all of three Native Americans I have made a start on the LONG RIFLE game + 1/2.

 A new role in work should help with all the above: This may prove to be a little harder now as we have had a change in supervision and our new Inspector is into micro-managing the office -1.

Overall a resounding 4 1/2 out of 7 a partial victory.

Next year much of the same but change the ATZ environment. However, I still have one more game to play here. Get the BATREPS written up for my 'vanity book.' Start a Long Rifle campaign, with some zombies thrown in. Prepare for retirement which comes in Feb 2014 (eek!). PS the Viscountess has some plans for civic improvements to Castillo PZ (oh dear).

Anyway, thanks for all your support, comments and friendships. Take care out there and have a pleasant New Year celebrations.


Friday, 28 December 2012

For the Sci Fi gamers out there! Free Daleks

As you are aware my computing systems have all gone West. My sister and my brother-in law took pity on my plight and gave us one of their old Apple iBooks. So I'm back with blogging more frequently again.

I went to the local shopping centre today to price up a new laptop. Alas the Castillo PZ coffers are not that full 'til next month.

Anyway all was not lost, I found Halfords do a modelling tools and the main reason for this post.

This week's 'Dr Who Adventures' Magazine.


Is giving away a set of 11 plastic Daleks. From the look of them they're 1/72 scale and are fairly well detailed.

Not my scene really but some of you folk out there may be able to use them.

All the best out there.

Yours, Lorcan

Thursday, 27 December 2012

That time of year

It's that time of year again. Time off with my family. Sister up with her gang. Now just for a couple of seasonal ciders at the club.

Thanks for all your posts and I wish you all a very merry festivities (lateness due to mylaptop's prossesor packing in snd my tablet playing up, the pigeons were too fat to fly!)y what's left of the holidays snd if your working 'keep your head down'.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Old Glory Exclusive by Jimmy and Grafton Street

What is happening in Purgatory?
By Jimmy Street.
Photos by Grafton Street.

The first rains of fall tumbled onto Moor City’s Shanty but that was not all that surprised the residents. As an early morning raid by members of St. Michael’s Precinct and elements of 152nd National Guard crashed into the unofficial suburb.

Purgatory has been under quarantine for the last eight weeks as the result of an, as yet unidentified, virus. The situation had become so severe that the Guard was summoned to supplement Moor City’s finest. Rumours spread that criminal elements within the town had turned it into a virtual no go area. In an attempt to gain control the raid was organised. However this rapidly turned into a rescue mission.

The sound of gunfire alerted us to the chaos on Donkey Drive long before our arrival. The streams of refugees identified there was something more then a raid going on. Attempting to get an interview with Sergeant Al Lynch I was provide with a curt ‘no comment’. Half dead people emerged to assault and slaughter a platoon of the 152nd ripping the flesh from their bones.  Further enquiries got a pistol pointed at my head and an order to leave. The individual responsible was identified as a British agent working for the BOI on attachment to the Moor City office!


But what exists in Purgatory? You decide. Why are the British interested? I do not know the answers to these questions. Ballot the town hall. The truth is out there.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Evacuation Part 2 - ATZ, Batrep, AAR

Two weeks since round one: But you all know the probs; work; family and now Christmas! Anyway I got there even if a bit rushed.




The zeds are loose and rampaging through Purgatory. A team of police and army have been tasked with clearing the shanty, saving all well persons, evacuate them and raze the area. Zed hordes have broken from the source locus and are loose. Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway and Big Joe Savalas have a platoon each to clear the shanty. MCPD have been allocated to arrest the gangster element and facilitate the evacuation.


The volume of zeds has led to the military advance grinding to a halt. Big Joe has lost the majority of his platoon and Highway is down to his SAW and himself. Zed hordes abound and there are more on the way. (Doubles, house rules apply)


Turn 13

Highway checked his six and identified that the cops were doing their thing, “OK Murph, a couple of bursts and then we’ll fall back.”

Corporal Murphy required no further encouragement and squeezed off a short burst. Three zeds fell. Highway loosed off a round ripping an arm off of one of the creatures. It wasn’t enough; the horde ahead of them fell upon their position. Hampered by his BAR Murphy collapsed as sharp nails ripped at his uniform, shredding it to ribbons. Blackened teeth tore at his bare flesh. Highway stabbed and thrust at anything in range. He downed one and pierced a second before his bayonet jammed in the beast’s eye socket. The being collapsed, tearing the Springfield from his hands. As if in retribution a one armed zed grabbed Highway by the throat and lifted him from the ground. Highway passed out as his brain was starved of blood.

Cowboy Morris snapped off a round and one of the sick exploded. He didn’t see the second monster lurch at him, but he did feel his throat being torn out. Big Joe propelled twelve inches of US steel into the creature’s skull but not in enough time to safe his subordinate. Cowboy Morris had gone to the last round up. Joe started to edge away from the carnage.

Grafton Street collapsed his camera, “Jimmy, it’s time to skedaddle,” he said moving back up the road. His reporting brother turned and followed.

The zeds won the activation rolls and despite good ‘being charged’ rolls the sheer volume of zeds proved too much and the military succumbed. Thomas Highway may get ltl’d in place of ‘Big Joe’ for the final scenario.

Turn 14 (doubles x2)

Even the Lord seemed desirous of hiding what was happening in Purgatory and a heavy dark cloud rolled over town.

Big Joe glanced skyward and swallowed hard. Police Sergeant Al Lynch blessed himself.

James Street’s attention was attracted to a tall well-dressed man in a black suit, who seemed to be guarded by a rufus ‘red-neck’. He moved over to him.

“What the blazes are going on here! I’m a reporter from Old Glory. You can’t silence the press. I’m a citizen of the United States and I demand an answer.”

“Stick with the cops sonny and get the hell out of here.”

Jimmy recognised a distinct British accent, “what in dog gone damnation is a Brit doing here? Get me an American.”

 “Fall back lads. Orderly now. Let’s get ourselves back to the Forward Evacuation Point.” Al commanded and his men back stepped.

The doubles create: ‘ deterioration in the weather’ as well as ‘unruly citizens’. Two more hordes were released from the holding area

Turn 15
It was the biggest pistol Jimmy had ever seen and it was pointed straight at his head.

“Go with the cops. Mr. American Citizen,” hissed Hamilton Square.

Even in his state James Street, reporter, saw the benefit of the sage advice. The MCPD began to file past and Jimmy followed them.

Jimmy Street lost the argument with Hamilton Square (who had been engaged in the game but I chose to leave his experience out of the narrative as it was getting a bit confusing.) There was no zed move this turn.

Turn 16

Jack saw beyond the zeds as another group shambled into view. There were more now then he could count. He whistled up George and jerked his head to the rear and they both began to shuffle backwards in unison.

Turn 17 (doubles)

A peel of thunder crashed from above and a brilliant flash ripped open the sky. Huge drops of rain began to fall from above.

As if woken by the heavenly roar the zeds rose as one and began to tumble towards what remained of the police lines.

The doubles created the deluge. With no engagement JR and GC backed away.

Turn 18



“We gonna be OK?”

Jack Regan put his arm about his cousin’s shoulders and guided him from Donkey Drive to the safety of Arch Wright’s store and the Forward Evacuation Point.

Only the police moved this turn and the two remaining cops made it to safety.


Moor City’s finest have fallen back to the area where all this started Arch. Wright’s store. There they have created a ‘safe zone’. The final game of the year will be the ‘Safe Zone’ one. There were thirty-nine zeds on the table when JR & GC left. They will start the next game on the table, hence why I played it out to the bitter end.

Thoughts: Once again I am amazed as to how this game could well reflect real life; the failure of an evacuation plan and an advance on a fixed position. It also goes to show that even heroes die. I was not expecting the zeds to be as successful against the two army platoons, but failing the ‘see the feast’ test proved catastrophic. What a great game!
 My intention is to play this scenario before the year is out and turn to FFO in the New Year (if Santa brings me a copy.)  

Thanks for reading and commenting folks. Keep warm out there.


Monday, 3 December 2012

My Liebster Awards go to.

In no particular order:

28mm Heaven at It's a great little site with some good ideas and a really pleasent writer.

Ancient Warriors at A very skilled modeller with great knowledge and some very informative posts, particularly in the ancient field.

Anything but a one at . Clint is a great guy and a good blogger. He has a very eclectic site dealing with all sorts of periods and models.

Shelldrake at A fabulous blogger doing both zombie and wargaming. Perhaps the eason I got into the zed field.

Down amoung the Lead men at You want to see his buildings just great. A very accomplished modeller, well worth a gander.

Well that's my five. As you can gather I've gone down my blog list and created them. There are so many others well worth advertising. 'Hard Boiled Zombie' , 'Obviously Zed', 'Those who remain'. So many good blogs.

Keep up the good work gang.


Liebster Award

Hey the nice chap over at Sapper Joe's Wargame and Toys Blog presented me with this award. You can get his blog on.

It was really great of him. Thanks dude.

The rules for the award are;

Copy and paste the award on your blog linking it to the blogger who has given it to you.

Pass the award to your top 5 favourite blogsblog.

Sit back and bask in that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing that you have just made someone's day!
Thanks again.
Now I've got to find my top 5 blogs with less then 200 followers.