Friday, 30 August 2013

Zombie Clowns and other Deliciousness.

 Tempus fugit. My great time on leave is coming to an end, Monday :-( . But the weekend holds some pleasantness; visiting my club and an open day at the local Rugger club. As cider may feature prominently I decided to get as much done in my current zombie project as possible.

And here it is. First up the Zombie Clowns. I wanted a rougher result to them so I just Skim painted them and tried out some washes and dry brush techniques, which I'm not too good at. Saying that I'm fairly pleased with the result.

Working in plastic means that it is cheap to practise some conversions. I rushed these ones but it was a good exercise just the odd cut and add, really gives an individuality to the figures. If I make some more I'll spend a bit more time cultivating head moves and the like.

The Chupacabras were next. Flushed with my success with the painting techniques I tried the same on these. Not too bad but I do need to get a grip on colour grading. Being colour blind doesn't help and I work in primary colours. Next time one of the heirs can sit with me and give the various shading.

Snakes are required in the 'Giving up the Goat World'. So a couple of 'green stuff' sausages for them.

Finally, Colgar6 suggested Zombie Nazis. Now as my games are set in the early Nazi era and I had no WW2 Germans I struggled with that. Then the electric light bulb lit above head and I came up with 'Zombie Bosch.' WW1 Airfix German Infantry, a craft knife and some glue. Changed some heads and arms, roughly scraped away the flash, UHU gloopy glue to give the 'just came from the grave' look and a grey undercoat.

I'll try again with the washing and dry-brushing and see how these come out and with a little luck smart Zombie Bosch.

And this weeks beauty is?

Enjoy what's left of the summer. Thanks for popping by.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

R and R'd: Rested and Recupriated

Well back off my first trip abroad for ages. Spent this morning, at my sister's, having a nice mug of char and catching up on your blogs. Hence the late notation on some of them. NB I still have a few of the earlier ones to get through.

The gang of us were staying in a place on the Normandy coast called Ste. Cecile. We were the only none French people in the whole seaside town. It was very relaxing. The French wanted to try out their English on us and we wanted to try out our French on them as a result there was very little confusion, great fun.

On the gaming front there were a few things. Sadly we were too far away from the beaches to pay a visit and the day we were going to Agincourt (about an hour away) was the only day it lashed down and neither of us wished to tempt fate driving on the wrong side of the road in awful weather. Saying that though the town is a couple of kms from Etappe. Which was the main transit camp for the BEF during WW1. There is a cemetery about 1/2 km from Ste Cecile which the heir my nephew and I visited during the rainy day. It looks small from the road as you walk in.

The entrance.
Then it explodes like a TARDIS and you realise that there are in excess of 12,000 people buried in the cemetery. Sobering thoughts as we move our plastic/metal figures to their reincarnated doom, the reality is forever.

Etappe Cemetery
On a lighter note I found that my nephew is into prepping for the zombie apocalypse so I introduced him to the ZBA which he found highly amusing. Subsequently on out last night he wanted us all to pose for an apocalypse photo. So here it is.

Ievers/Bose Family Zombies
BE PREPARED! You never know when they will come for us.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thursday, 15 August 2013

IT'S GOING GREAT GUNS: The Force is getting stronger with me.

Since my last post I've been busy both at work and on the hobby front. I can feel the gaming 'force' is strong in me and getting stronger. At work I had to tidy up deal of usual flotsam prior to me taking leave. But forget that! I'M ON LEAVE!

Gaming goodness.

  • Added tails to my chupacabras, as the consensus is they have tails. 
  • Opened a pack of Twilight Games Zombie clowns and took a knife and some green stuff to them. These will become 'Ragers'
  • Based and undercoated the above.
  • Trawled through my additions of ATZ and redesigned some Reaction Charts to suit my game.
  • Started on the backstory.
  • Designed and printed a map of the gaming area.
  • Skim read FFO. (Whilst the eldest heir was under a GA whilst having some teeth done.)

As you may remember I did mention in one of my blogs that I take my Batreps and convert them to prose. I like creative writing but I'm crap at it and I do enjoy filling in the blanks between scenarios. So the backstory is very important to my gaming experience. Anyway here's the cover for my latest escapades.

Anyway take care out there and I'll catch you when I get back from my jollies in about a fortnight.

And now for my latest fad. A beautiful woman to end my blog.

A Brownie point if you can guess who this beauty is!
PS She's used to zombies.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

MOJO Returning: On going goodness.

 Ahh I can feel my gaming mojo returning. I ordered and got FFO from Ed this morning. I've scanned it and then jury is out. But it does look promising.
I got back onto wargaming through ATZ and blogging in order to develop a game of 'Giving up the Goat' the ATZ supplement. I wanted to take my two main characters (Hamilton Square and Conway Park) into hunting down the fabled chupracabra. But as you know, if you read my earlier posts, 'the game' took over and it followed a completely different path.
Now as I've wrapped up the Haven campaign I still have a yearning for that original concept. Before I commence an FFO campaign. So to this end I've taken a couple of the minor characters that appeared in HAVEN and moved them two years after the outbreak where they have become 'zombie hunters' tidying up those 'sick' that escaped last week's inferno and roam the hills and settlements of backwoods NC looking for brains for a fee.

I found these figures on the net to represent the 'goat suckers' based and undercoated today I should have them completed soon.
So keep looking out for the 'Adventures of Ernie Carver, 'Zombie Hunter.'

When I typed Final Fade Out into google images I got this picture of Mrs. Burton and thought I would share a photo of one of the world's most beautiful woman with you all.

Thanks for popping by. Keep cool.


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Enough is Enough! And an 'Old Glory' Exclusive.

Had enough of my bloody problems its time to get back my zombie mojo. I'm going to finish off my current campaign, buy a copy of FFO, read it on my jollies (in a fortnight) and come back with a new adventure.

James and Grafton Street.

Silent Death as Purgatory Burns

The government turns Purgatory into Hell! 

As the unusual illness that took over the shanty town of Purgatory got out of control and 'the sick' broke through the Police and Military cordon threatening to swamp our beloved city with crazed, 'flesh eating' monsters. Blood soaked the streets and fields surrounding the encampment. Despite all the efforts of our hard working medical staff the identification of the sickness is still unknown.
The Crew Survey the Devastation

Only one choice was left to our burghers. Presidential permission was sought to raze Purgatory to the ground. With a heavy heart this was granted. 

Earlier today, an old Zeppelin settled in the stockyards. It was found that the 'sick' were attracted to noise and the relative silence of an Airship would be of an advantage. A volunteer crew, from out of state, crewed the craft as it was loaded with explosives of conventional  and an unconventional type.

Silently they glided to Purgatory and released their deadly cargo upon the unsuspecting township.  Explosions could be heard ten miles away and the flames were visible in three counties. Moor City Fire Department are on standby along with the National Guard should the inferno get out of control.

'Old Glory' have secured the exclusive rights to accompany the city's 'clean up' crew when they are eventually allowed to venture into what's left of the box town. (Order your copy now). 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Weekly Post

Now life on the peninsula hasn't got any easier and the Viscountess, the heirs and I are limping our way to leave time in a fortnight. No gaming or modelling :-(

So sitting here feeling maudlin the VC's Sunday show informed us that it was 'National Friends' Day'. Living beyond the city of Deva and therefore outside the civilised world I never even knew such a day existed.  At which point I realised that  I didn't have a photo of me and my best mate. What's more I haven't spoken to him in ages, He lives on the other side of the country.

So today I'm going to contact as many of my pals as possible and just touch base with them and if I can get some photos also. If this works I'll post  them on line and celebrate good friendship and all the positive things they have done for me.

So come on gang. Find your friend and thank them. Do a special post and a photo. I'll send a picture postcard to the best photo on line (chosen at random) NB Significant other wife/partner/live in lover doesn't count.
Thank you all for being my friends out there!