Thursday, 27 February 2014


Well this crept up on me. I noticed that I've hit 30,000 hits. So thank you to you all for viewing and commenting.

Onward an upward.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

When The Boat Comes In

OK I decided that one of the first adventures of my new campaign would occur on a dock area, concerning 'rum running'. I realised that I may need a boat. So I tried to make one.

I downloaded some plans for free, I should credit the site and I think it's Printed them out as 80% as I work in 1/72nd scale.

With my new proclivity for cardboard I cut out the outlines pasted them onto 'thick' cardboard, cut them out and began to build.

I now see that the ribs are in the wrong direction for planking.

All cardboard is not the same so I made the bridge and other bits from thinner stuff and the funnel from a toilet roll.

Odd bits of kebab sticks and match sticks added and there you have it.

Tarting up, undercoating and painting to do, so let's see how it finishes.

 If all ready in a couple of days, then we're going to the docks. If not it's off to the cattle yards.

Thanks for looking in and commenting on previous posts. (PS I think the current season of Walking Dead is ACE!)

Drive carefully out there.


Saturday, 22 February 2014

22nd February 2014

Hmm what's so special about today. Well nothing earth shattering. Only today is my first day as a civvy since I took the Queen's shilling in 1977. Six years in the regular army, twenty-two in the TA and thirty in the cops. EEK! (I've had to update my profile)

Well that does mean that for the moment (and rugger permitting) there is now time for some serious gaming. Huzza!

There is a major match on today and my little cupid friend sums it up quite nicely.

See you all soon in the blogsphere. Thanks for popping by.



Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Moor City Zeds - Ep. 1 - Prologue

Moor City Zeds

Episode 1

Theme Tune:

06.35 Roll Call

Sergeant Al Lynch looked out over the sea of faces. They all looked older since the Purgatory incident but he was proud of the way they had held together. Deep inside he knew that it was not over yet not by a long way.

"First of all I want to welcome Don. Don is fresh out of the academy and he'll be working with Jack today. George, it's you and Nozzer in the wagon."

Item One: There have been no reports of zed activity but as you know they seem to be attracted to the railway lines. Now the railway bulls have been give the heads up but I want you, George, to check out the old cattle yards with an eye on any making their way into town.

Item Two: The Stallions have been quiet of late, so if you've got any snouts on the other side of the river, get shaking them down.

Item Three: Information has been received that the Shamrocks are up to something and we believe it's a wee bit of old fashioned Rum-Running. Jack, you take Don and do a bit of old fashioned beat work down on the quays. George, back 'em up in any downtime.

Finally: Get back safely lads and there may be something a bit Irish to welcome our newbie. So guys have faith in the Lord and shoot straight.

Well the stage is set. I've applied the FFO rules to the characters, although I've left the Cops as a separate class in my world, this means a few house rules I'm toying with. Anyway, there'll be gangers, PEFS and with a bit of luck some zeds for the lads to deal with. (It is a 6 Nations Weekend, so they'll be at it in next week's post).

Thanks, for popping by.


Ranged Weapons
Melee Weapon
Attribute #1
Attribute #2
Jack Regan*
BAP (12/2/2)
Baton +2
Born Leader
George Carter
S/gun (12/3-6/2),
 Ptl (12/2/1)
Baton +2

Al Lynch
BAP (12/2/2)
Baton +2

‘Nozzer’ Oswold
Ptl (12/2/1)
Baton +2



Don Orville
Ptl (12/2/1)
Baton +2

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Crossroads - Which way?

Not much zombie gaming and modelling this week as an article in a 'Wargame' mag spurred on my other project on the brother site Plastic VCBW. So terrain and another platoon was started for that.

The Christmas Edition. A decent all around read.

However, I have been thinking about my next zed adventure. The original concept of Adventures in North Carolina was to write a diary of a zombie hunter. Bringing into it some hunting, tracking and survivalist theory. However, as I tried to develop some new and entertaining exploits all I ended up doing was going on yet another zed hunt. What to do?

As a result, I think I'll return to Moor City and the cops of St Michael's Precinct. There's more scope for gangers, survivors and even to bring the National  Guard. Also the action will take place in an urban environment as well as the THW rules/scenarios tend to lend themselves more to that theatre.

So thinking cap back on for the next tale of Jack, George and the lads from St Michaels. Any ideas?

St. Michael's Precinct House

Hope you're all staying dry. Thanks for popping in.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Stab in the Dark.

A pal of mine sent me this article. I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and suggest that unless they start writing military or modelling articles (and not the girlie type) many of you out there wouldn't be a regular reader of GQ magazine.

No reason for this picture.
 I just liked it 'cause it had the hint of a giant spider in it!

Anyway for your entertainment, mildly interesting.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Adventures in North Carolina - Chapter 4 - Part 2 (AAR, Batrep)

Turn 13 (2-2) (1-6)

“Ernie I’ll just git ‘round da back and git dat possum.” So off he trots.
Next I know we’re getting shot at the unmistakable crack of rifle rounds sounding off, both Eric and I hit the dirt and start scanning for the source.
“See anything Eric!” shouts I.
Eric, he just pushes himself upright and begins to laugh.
“What’s so funny?” I ask climbing to my feet as another round goes off.
“We missed the Pedersen’s bullet stash, that’s them going off in the fire.”
I just shakes my head and smiles.

The doubles created a ringing mobile (cf FFO for how it works), as they hadn’t been invented so I came up with the above a d6 for how many turns it lasts was rolled and 5! Came up. Along with the zombie feast double two zeds get created. One at 5 and the other at 2 in the hills and unseen.

Turn 14 (1-4)

“Eric, I’ll take the far one, you take the one coming outta the woods.”
Eric needs no second order and dispatches the zed I do likewise with the other.
“Ernie, still gotta get supper,” says he turning away.
Now I should have been checking out on Buck, ‘cause he don’t look too happy. His heckles are up and he’s baring his teeth. Alas I didn’t notice him.

Another zed is created in the hills.

Turn 15 (1-6)

Eric is now looking down the business end of one of the sick and it’s coming up fast. I cock Lilith and bring her to my shoulder but that creature was sure fast and he was on Eric afore I could fire.

Eric’s no slouch when it comes to a touch of pugilism, not that he needed those skills as he just whacked the creature with the butt of his Springfield and the collapses.

With only the zeds activating the zed engaged in melee. A further zed is created as a result of the fire. This appears at the 10 slot.

Turn 16 (5-1)

Things are getting a bit hairy. So I makes a move to our right flank in order to get a clearer sot at the advancing goon.

“Buck! Guard!” I command and Buck he drops to his belly in front of Eric. Eric seems dazed and is just looking at the corpse he just created.

A further zed is created as a result of the fire. This appears at the 10 slot. Why Eric did nothing this move I know not!

Turn 17 (5-5) (4-4) (1-1) (3-1)

“Ernie, we got us a problem,” shouts Eric.
“What there’s only a couple of ‘em.”
“I picked up the wrong bock of shells man. When this clip is done I’s dry.”
“Holy Smoke! If you ain’t the sorriest excuse for a hunter I ever hunted with..”
“Come on man, let’s just get rid of these and git home.”
“That possum stew you promised but be bloody good,” says I. I was about to berate him some more when Eric screamed. Buck jumped to his feet and I see the creature Eric just offed start climbing back up. A second creature burst from the smoke and fell on my compardre.
To my horror Eric is pulled to the floor, he’s struggling like mad and then he stops.
“Buck, Fight!” I yell to my hound pointing at the beast ahead of me, he launched himself at the goon and dragged it to the earth. I swing Lilith ‘round to the melee. Both assailants are now standing above Eric, their teeth barred and blood slavering from their gaping mouths. I let Lilith loose and both the brutes disappear in a cloud of red and black mist.
Buck is doing well and is getting the upper hand I turn to help out but both hammers fall on empty barrels.
As if in response to the metallic ‘click’, Buck lifts his head and clamped between his teeth is the monster head.

A feast of doubles. The first is that one person has the wrong ammunition, the second an argument which Ernie wins and the third sees the last zed oof reanimates. The rest is how Ernie tells it. Eric gets stunned, the shotgun scatter kills both but a double 1runs out of ammo. 2 more zeds are created 9-10.

Turn 18 (1-6)

Eric gets to his feet, he’s clearly dazed and is swaying slightly. He brings his rifle to the aim and cleans one away. The second screams and charges him but Eric he just cleaves him in two with the butt end of his rifle.

Turn 19 (6-4)

 A weird silence falls on the Pedersen place Buck and me cross over to Eric. Even before I get to him I can see he’s wan and getting lighter. I slip a couple of more shells into Lilith.
“I ain’t feelin’ too good Ernie.”
“Sure you are buddy. ‘Sides you still gotta cook dinner.” Eric snorts a laugh and I can see flecks of blood appear on his lips.
“I’m hurtin’ all over, even ma teeth hurt, man. We both know what’s happin’. You gotta do it man.”
I know what he means and I feel sick to my stomach.
“Don’t shoot me there’s too much of a chance you’ll bring more. Use your knife Ernie.” says Eric as he turns his back to me and kneels down.
I lay Lilith down and draw my blade.
“Said your prayers, Hector?” I ask placing the point on the crown of his head.
“Sure thing am as at peace as I’m goin’ t’be. Make it quick.”
It was done. Buck he got up and nuzzled close. I stoked his ears.
The ‘Harry you OK’ test was failed and that was that. With no PEF movement in the next few turns Ernie Carver lifts the body of his friend and they leave the board.

Thoughts: Once again I enjoyed playing this greatly. The effort to get back into it was really worth it. I was sceptical about FFO rules but they are growing on me. The creation of zeds so close to the PCs steps up the ante and you really have to play tough. I was still using a mishmash of previous rule set but I don’t think that was too bad, I really need to study FFO more deeply. The internal tile worked well but I think that I need to plan the next one better, it’s still a bit cramped to play on. All in all I was pleased and it can only get better.

Hope you enjoyed this batrep.

Now off to m’club for the rugger. Thanks for popping by.