Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Riot; Part 2: All Things Zombie; Batrep; AAR


Turn 9 (5-6)

"COME ON! COME ON FREEDOM LIES THAT WAY!" A grey haired dude in a shoelace tie yelled pointing at the police line.

"THERE'S ONLY SIX OF THEM AND A DOG! THAT'S NOTHING! LET'S TAKE 'EM!" With that the crowd charged forward screaming and hurling whatever they could find.

"Brace yourselves, boys. Here it comes! Jack stand by!" Al Lynch ordered.

Bricks and bottles rained down on the thin blue line. Out of the corner of his eye Lynch saw Constable Green hit the ground clutching his shoulder, "get up man, Do you want to die?"

Another shower of rocks fell on the officers. Al Lynch would later state , under oath, that for a split second all went quiet and he clearly heard the crunch of a rock the size of a football smashing into Charlie Dickins' head.

No move for the cops. The mob moves forward but does not get into contact with the line. They throw their ranged weapons hitting Lee and knocking him down. Poor Charlie was obviously dead.

Turn 10 (5-6)

Jack squatted next to his fallen comrade. He looked up at Al and shook his head. Al Lynch swallowed hard and spat.

"Here it comes!" screamed the sergeant.

The crowd surged forward crashing into the cordon line. They pulled at the barricades tearing and ripping at the posts and wooden barriers.

"Nozzer, give Sonny his head!"

Nozzer let slip his dog's leash and the animal leaped at the crowd. Fearful of the crazed animal the crowd fell back.

"Jack, prep yerself!"

The right hand cordon broke and the mob lurched towards the breach.

Constable Lee Green struggled to his knees and wondered if he'd ever see his Father again.

No police activation but the mob moves into contact with the barricades. I gave each cordon a rep and the mob had to melee their way through it; gaining success with one failing the other. Sonny; any person in a range of 1" from Sonny has to take a 1d6 against their rep. failure means they retired 1".

Turn 11 (6-6) (PEF-R3 in 6) (6-5)

"Gas! Gas! Gas!" screamed Al Lynch.

Jack Regan cocked his second baseman's arm and hurled his grenade. Landing right into the middle of the crowd many became invisible shrouded in white smoke.

Panic fell upon the once brave and they fell back. Snot and spit flying from nose and mouth.

"Nozzer, get this barrier up. Lee help him out. What did they say at the precinct?"

"Can't send no help 'til Sergeant Ski and his section come on for afternoons!"

Al Lynch checked his wristwatch and looked imploringly at his senior constable.

Jack Regan shrugged and stated the police officer's favourite phrase. "The job's fucked."


Speaks for itself, no move for the mob the police use one of their four CS grenades. Thrown using the flash-bang rules as firing them had not been invented by then. JR passes all the necessary rolls and the crowd flee.

Turn 12 (1-6-3)

The crowd fell back to a couple of shanty buildings. Many still crying and spitting, but the sound of distention can still be heard.

Jack jogged back to his position next to his cousin on the left of the line, "this is a long way from over Al!"

"Let's hope Connor hot foots it from town," returned his sergeant.

"Amen to that."

Turn 13 (2-6-4)

"Jack, move them on again. Let's see if we can break them."

Regan prepped his second grenade and landed it in front of the spluttering crowd. The white cloud did it's job once again and the crowd fell back.

"What the hell?" shouted Lee pointing at a couple of kids that emerged from the tip.

"Get the hell away!" screamed the police line in unison. The children melted away into the ruins.

A Second Dose

The Mob Fall Back

PEF resolves itself to some survivors. The rest is self explanatory.
Turn14/15 (3-5) (4-6)

Al and his officers stare, grim faced, down into purgatory. The crowd had halted next to 'The Sportsman's Cantina'. Little Mo and his staff could be seen handing out bottles of clear liquid.

"Bet that ain't water," hissed George.

"We gotta sort that B when this fight is over," Nozzer added.

Al Lynch made a note to himself.

Stiffened by illegal hooch, the agitators from the two gangs had an easy job of rousing the mob.


They surged forward the braver throwing anything to hand.

Bottles, stones and rocks fell short of the police line.

Jack shouted at Al, "Sarge we got to break this soon. If we don't they'll break us."

Al Lynch looked on at the howling mob. He'd never been in this situation before and was unsure, "Jack?"

"Bring em in Sarge and whack them, whack them with everything we've got and keep whacking them 'til they break."

Al dithered.

The Mob Advance Again.
Turn16 (6-3)
"Lee, Nosser! With me let's see if we can lock up one of them rebel rousers! On my mark, two, one, MARK!" Sergeant Lynch jumped the reformed barrier followed by Constable Green. Nosser loosed Sonny on his long lead and forced back the crowd.
One to the thigh, one to the shoulder and one prisoner. Sonny kept the mob at bay as the 'snatch squad' came back with their prize.
"I'm sorry Mista Lynch I just got caught up in the mood."

Snatch Squad

Sonny does his job and the two on one melee gets a prisoner, it turns out not to be an agitator. This is the end of the shift so Ski and his crew are on duty a d6 tells me, but not the boys, that they'll arrive with reinforcements in 5!!!! turns.

Turn 17 (1-3)

Lynch and the snatch team recover to their lines.

The mob sweeps forward. Debris rained down on the police line and they fall back. Determined mobsters rip the barriers from their posts and open the shanty to the outside world.


Turn 18 (6-4)

The mob hesitated giving Regan his chance. Popping another CS grenade right in front of them the crowd disperse.

Barricades down, CS Launched
Turn 19 (5-4)

"Sarge, we're at the bottom of the ninth, scores are tied but the bases are loaded. We got to take it to them!" screamed Jack at his Sergeant.

"Jack do your thing!"

Winding up his right arm Jack Regan, considered to be the best ball player in the county, launched his final grenade. It sailed through the air watched by all. The crowd began to retire, knowing what it brought. Popping right in front of the mob it's noxious fumes spread across the company.

They broke and fell back to 'The Sportsmans' , Little Mo gulped and ducked back into his cantina.

The Last Grenade

Turn 20  (5-1)

The crowd recovered at seeing the advancing cops.

"LET'S GO!" The agitators urged the crowd forward and they responded.

"Shit or bust boys, George backstop. Shoot anyone that breaks our line. Rest of you CHARGE!" Al swung his baton above his head and launched himself down Donkey Drive.

"Erin go Bragh!"

"Semper Fidelis"


"Remember the Alamo!" Nozzer would later be unable to justify his choice of war cry, in the court of enquiry.


Turn 21 (1-5)

The lines clash. Batons flail, fists are thrown and a dog barks.

Constable Lee Green goes down in a flurry of blows. Three are snatched and thrown into the waiting cover of George Carter's shotgun.

The Lines Clash

Three arrested. Officer Down!

This was a straight forward slug fest. The cops melee with the rioters. Sonny acts as above and creates the gap for the others to work in. 3 rioters go OOF (and are arrested.) Lee, being a Rep 3 is subdued and also goes OOF.

Turn 22(6-4)

 A sound of sirens are heard from the end of Donkey Drive as Sergeant Connor Ski's Afternoon crew burst onto the estate.

The agitatotrs can do no more and the crowd scatters.

Relief Arrives

The cops held their own and eventually won the day. Constable Charlie Dickens 'bought the farm' and his pal Lee Green was knocked out, eventually to recover. Al, Jack and the rest of them will receive awards from the Mayor, but all in due course.
This game for me was so unusual I enjoyed it so much, only having been in the real thing on a number of occasions, I did not think you could get the reality in a game. But Bloody Hell you can. (Ed THW guy, if you read this, great stuff on the rules). I got so carried up with the narrative that the rolls in the latter stages were not posted but I hope that you can work it out for yourselves.
Sadly, this brings an end to the Police scenarios, which is a shame as I have got into the characters, I will try and bring them into future games. However, I must make way for the Military scenarios and soon you will meet Gunnery Sergeant Major Thomas Highway and his platoon (not that you haven't met him before) because you all 'habla inglese'.
Thanks for your support. I do hope you enjoy this world of mine, I do enjoy yours.
'Take care out there amongst the English.' (?)


  1. Great batrep. Very enjoyable read, and hearing from an expert how well the game mechanics match the real thing was very cool. Can't wait for the next one.

  2. A very exciting and nail-biting conclusion to the scenario. I was never certain how it might end, which really cranked up the tension. Well done, mate!

  3. Rollicking read, great concluding episode, I got really caught up with the characters' fate!.

  4. What a great game and a great read, very well done sir!

  5. Very intense scenario, I look forward to seeing future ones that you post.
    Will be cool to see the officers in the future as well.

  6. Thanks guys, your comments are REALLY appreciated.

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  8. Fantastic part 2. The narrative is it what has me hooked keep it up!