Friday, 28 September 2012

A working curse, more bin diving and a project!

Well I came home last night with a bit of a spring in my step as the 'Dilbert Curse' is starting to have an effect.

Capitalising on the feeling, I shelved the 'Pit' project (for the time being) and commenced the internal buildings project.

Bin Diving Pulled these out.

Opened up to reveal the tools of the project.

First remove the paper grip.

Prepare the Swedish flooring.

A bit of brick work

Lay the floor

Ready for play.

Some internal walls of foam core.

Of various lengths to create different internal structures.

All that needs to be done is sort out the doors windows etc. and the internal wall coverings. My previous experiments (c.f. Domestic Dispute) at this did not last so I'm trying again, based on those experiments.

I doubt if I'll get this month's game in as it is the Memsahib's birthday, but I'll try ASAP.

Take care out there.



  1. They look pretty damn fine! Are you intending to cut out windows/doors or stick on prints of them?

  2. Pretty Cool what size are those figures?

  3. This looks interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  4. Ingenious Sir, always worth a cursory glance as you pass a skip.

  5. Thanks guys for the comments its good to be back.
    @CM:I cut out the outlines of widows and doors and then bluetack them to the blank walls. This gives me a degree of flexibility.
    @Brummie:They are 'RedBox' Gangsters 1/72 (OO/HO)
    @Vampifan:Cheers mate, I'm hoping for a versitile, flexible theatre type thing.
    @MA: You're only right. You never know what you may find!
    @The EX: Thanks buddy.

  6. Nice effort Irqan, take out those dividing walls and it would make a fine roller disco!

    Keep it up please

  7. I really like it!!

    Go for it!