Sunday, 20 January 2013

Non-Hobby related, The Wedding.

Well the 'stag night' that led to the knee incident came to fruition yesterday and my pal tied the knot. This is not hobby related, I think its just a nice story.

It's a bit of a modern romance. They met playing Internet poker and fell in love. Paul's 67 and Suzzie is ?????. She lived in Australia and he lives not far from me. A couple of years ago she migrated to the UK, during that last great snow, with nothing but a pullover to keep her warm, she had no concept of what REAL cold is like. She is so lovely and bubbly she fitted straight into our life, apart from the cold and damp. Anyway two years later they went to the Town Hall got spliced.

Wallasey Town Hall from the front

I've had to use an old photo as the weather was so overcast. It's a magnificent building facing out onto the Mersey. It's only when people from out of the area visit you that you realise the wealth in your home town.

The Grand Staircase

The Happy Couple

 All the best to them both. I wish them great happiness.

The knee's better and I barely limp now, thank you for all your 'well wishes.' But it has meant that I couldn't stand at the kitchen island after work and cook this week so the Viscountess had too. As such I was able to make some moves on my colonial hamlet. Pictures later this week. However the free time did place before me temptation in the shape of some batreps for 'A Very British Civil War'. Can I resist?

Take care in the snow and from the sayings of Old Jack Burton; 'Never drive faster then you can see!' 



  1. They do a look a happy couple and its a nice story too. All the best to the happy couple. Glad your on the mend and look forward to your colonial hamlet post.

  2. That's a lovely story. I wish the bride and groom a long and happy future.

  3. Great story and well worth the related injury imo.
    As for the VBCW - resist "

  4. Very cool story, its good to see good things still happen, maybe there is hope for us all...