Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Modelling, modelling, modelling

Had a slack, but cold, weekend. The boiler packed in so I had to wait in for a fixing person, the eldest heir was in the big city going to a footy match, the Viscountess was in bed after a night shift and the littlest was happy to play on his own and draw.

This gave me the opportunity to do nothing but model. I completed and based (save for the flocking)  a BUF Company. They are Emhar 'Doughboys', very nice models they are too. 

Based ready for theatre.

Advancing through some thick swath.

Must try harder with close up photos!

I undercoated the trench system I made last week, to finish off this week. Started another 'Orange Carton' project. Cleaned up some Airfix WW1 French Infantry (Anglican League), undercoated same. Then build and undercoated a squadron (6) of FT 17's. The plan is to use these as multi-force armour so there'll be a pretty bland colour scheme on them.

And I finally began a credit card HQ complex for the aforementioned trenches.

Part 1

Part 2

NB: The boiler got fixed in time for the 6 Nations rugger matches, this was a blow as I had no excuse to go to my club. Oh well can't have everything! Anyway it's another three weeks 'til I can have a pint again, so no great hardship.

Look after yourselves, and thanks for popping by.



  1. Looking good mate. Bad luck about the missed pint. At least your nice and warm!

  2. I'm hoping there will be a bit more on the "credit card HQ complex". Sounds intriguing, but I can't quite see how it works yet!

  3. Great tease there Irqan, credit cards are a great cheap scratch building material source

  4. Nice to see and hear progress mate.

  5. BUF and Anglican League are a nice contrasting force very VBCW! You did say you were getting started on them, and you have gone off like a whippet! Excellent old Boy top notch, spiffing!