Thursday, 3 April 2014

Lift (elevator) Project - WIP

The conundrum of the lift caught me so as I've been banned from setting up a gaming table ('til tomorrow night, Friday) and the civic improvements are never ending. I thought I'd take a leaf from Otis' book and give the model a try. (Sadly it was Otis Redding's book not Elisa Otis! Too obvious a pun to let go :-)

Now most modelers see ourselves a bit of a:
However, I have a tendency to think to end up more like: 

You all know what it's like when
you can't stop adding bits!

Well here's my lift/elevator WIP.

The intricate planning phase.

A quick idea.

The test model.

A shot of the lumber yard.

Runners and stanchions.

A check for fit.

The future.

Well thanks for viewing. Hope you've not got too much Saharan dust around your way. It was so bad here I found a lost Bedouin wandering around the garden this morning.



  1. Nice WIP shots Bob.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. I like what you are doing, but I do wonder if you are overthinking it. But perhaps you are being visionary and I just can't see it yet. I can hear Rolf Harris music and the famous phrase "Can Ya See what it iz yet!" Which means it is probably time for my meds!

  3. Very good idea, my white car got covered in dust,a few days back, must have been some sand storm to blow all the way to the Atlantic Isles. Stoelzels Structures Library kit has a working lift, Im useing it in my stalled Four Courts project, must finish that one

  4. I'm interested in seeing where this is going, but the runners looked over-engineered compared to the stanchion uprights atm. Keep at it (you also plan things a bit like me too)

  5. It seems like a really complicated build, I'm sure it will be stunning when finished.
    Keep it up! :)

  6. Now this looks impressive, keep doing my good man!

  7. A good start what about using very small bulldog clips to position it between floors?