Thursday, 18 September 2014

Another X Wing post - Home made escape pods.

1. Get your tools together.
(The mints are crucial, the tea not so) 
As you may know I do like to run pre-set scenarios into a mini campaign. The next one in X Wing is the protection of a wounded ship. It came to me that the ship(s) could be the escape pods from the Senator's shuttle in mission 1. As there are no such items in the X-Wing world I thought I'd cobble some together.

2.Cut out balsa bases.
1/4 the size of a small ship.

3. X-Wing tac -tics

4. With a steady extra hand,
 drill holes into the mints.

5. Stiff wire supports inserted into holes
and glued in place.

6.Raiding the spice cabinet for some detail.

7. A lick of paint
(Must practice close-ups again)

8.Ready to enter the fray.

The mat is a trial run on scrap piece of material that I am hoping to make a 3'x3' gaming mat on. If I get it going I'll blog the project.

I'm also working on a new zombie campaign. I think Gunnery Sergeant Highway will make a comeback. More to follow.

Hope all is well with you all. Keep safe.



  1. Your game-board is impressive and it's welcome news that Highway will be back sometime

  2. Brilliiant idea and well executed. I have to wonder how long they will last?

  3. That's a great idea dude!
    What are the tic-tac's tactics? lol.
    Great to hear your working on zombies.

  4. They look sweet! Sorry, I just couldn't resist it!

  5. They are Mint!... Sorry. "Did he just shake his tick-tacks at me?" :)

  6. I'd never have thought of using tictacs as the former of a model, but they're an excellent size and shape for escape pods, aren't they? Just don't get them wet...