Thursday, 11 September 2014

Getting the Mojo back.

As part of getting back in the swim I thought I'd address the vexed topic of my man cave. As you all know it is a nomadic space. However, I have neglected it only ripping out the bits I needed for the little projects I did. So when I decided to hit it today. Well pictures paint a thousand words.

Oh Lordy
Ever get that feeling that you wish
you'd never started something.

Everything has a place and a place
for everything.

FYI: The skull in the bottle is a WIP trophy. The whisky carton was a gift (as I can't stand the stuff) it contains a Piecepack set that I built from scratch. It didn't come out too well hence no pictures of it. The idea is good for gamers, if you like game theory and just playing. More info can be found here: 

Future projects: A game mat for X-Wing and in the near future a couple of ships for the same (more will be revealed in the relevant post)

Catch up to you all soon.



  1. A cluttered man cave. What bliss! I for one am glad you are getting your Mojo back and do look forward to some more very entertaining 1920 zombie action. I have missed it!

  2. I always like to see other people's man caves.

  3. Ah, there's nothing like a tidy-around to freshen up the enthusiasm and it also tend to unearth forgotten and half-finished projects too.

  4. Cheers guys, I'm sensing a trend here. Hey Zabadak, that's so true (and a little bit frightening).

  5. Glad you're getting your mojo back!