Saturday, 30 January 2016

Lazy week - Narrowboat

What a weird week. One of those ones where you run around like a blue-tailed fly, look back and you've got nothing done!

Saying, that I managed to quickly knock up a narrow boat, but I didn't finish my characters. However, I'm trying to blend some aspects of THW Long Rifle and BDTZ for the campaign and well I read them and did nothing more. I hope that old adage that your brain works on problems when you're not thinking about it is true.

Finally, the narrow boat experiment.

The tools required

Cut out the bases

The bulkheads

Commence Assembly
Bulkheads and superstructure
 Just needs undercoating and painting.

Catch you all soon. Thanks for calling in. Now to leave the house and get blown away.



  1. I was expepting a conversion from one of those date boxes we only see at Xmas (we all used them as boats when we were kids right ?) It does look the part though I did wonder why you've used corrugated card for the hull; the superstructure looks very interesting too btw.
    You may have ha a lazy week Irqan but you've still managed a lot more than I have.

  2. I just cut 4 or 5 pieces of hull, glue them together then glue sides on. saves all that hull structure. works for me!

  3. Looks great so far! And rather large,too.

  4. Nicely done dude. Plenty of space for figures.

  5. I'm not sure building a narrowboat counts as a lazy week! Great start Sir.

  6. A great start! Very playable dude!

  7. Looks good so far but as you say, it needs to be painted!