Monday, 22 February 2016

Carrying on-Some good bits and some failure.

Well I got on with the campaign preparation and there were some good bits and not so good bits.

Not so good bits. I really dropped the ball with my dry brushing and got this!

These require a repaint.

On the mediocre side, I went a bit mad with the Lady Jessica and got this.

Further meritocracy, I needed some civilians, I had some Imex American Pilgrims and pressed them into service. They're out of era but I don't think that badly.

On the plus side I managed to finalise the house rules for the adventure and sort out the PEFs as well as building a map the actions.

What did I learn from this week?

You need to keep on top of your modelling and painting skills. As it is not far off a year since I did anything you really loose the knack. I'm hoping to start my campaign next week but I may try a couple of experiment games to get back into it and I don't want another failure week.

Keep your skills up and thanks for popping by.



  1. I've done that with dry brushing, all the time convincing myself that if I keep going it will work out. I hope these do not cause you too much trouble.

  2. That's just what happened, why on earth did I think it would work?

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about your painting efforts, they are after all for your own use and would be very acceptable in a lot of circles.
    I also wouldn;t worry too much about self-made deadlines to start your campaign, you'll start when youre ready.
    Barge looks good btw.

    1. Cheers matey. Emergency painting today has tidied it up. I think. I hear what you're saying about the deadlines, but if I don't I won't and I'll drift like last year. That made me unhappy.

  4. It will return it has took me a while to get into the flow of things since the lull before and after Christmas. Your off to a promising start fella keep up the good work :)

  5. All progress is good progress Bob!
    I find any time off the brushes leads to a deterioration of skills, luckily it doesn't take long for it to return.

  6. It's like falling off a bike, you'll be fine once you get back at it! The civvies should actually work out pretty well I bet. After all, they're civvies, nobody should look too close...