Saturday, 12 March 2016

EP 2 - Muster Parade

Capt. William 'Sweet William' Fredrisckson
More by accident then design Captain William Fredrickson navigated the Lady Jessica to a small mooring just outside Chester City that regaled under the name of Saighton (pronounced SATAN). Alighting from the barge he is approached by a Sergeant of the 60th Regiment.

Snapping to attention, the sergeant saluted, "Cap'n Fredrickson, I presume."

Fredrickson identified an accent which he couldn't place, "yes Sergeant. You are?"

"Sergeant Owens, sir. Sixtieth Rifles."

I note an accent that I do not recognise."

Fredrickson & Owens meet.
"You'll find a lot of that in this unit sir. Jerusalem, sir, I come from Jerusalem."  Owens usually revelled in the puzzlement his birthplace caused. But Fredrickson's look chilled his bones. "Sorry sir, that's Jerusalem, North Wales. Just over there," he gestured West with a nod of his head. Owens thought Fredrickson smiled, but he wasn't sure.
Sgt. Nigel 'Jeru' Owens
The officer shouldered his rucksack, "come Sergeant Owens from Jerusalem, take me to our men."
"Sir," replied Owens. Owens 'Jeru' or Nigel 'Jeru' , if one was familiar, was the usual nomenclature, but a Sergeant was in no position to correct an officer. Owens thought he recognised a German accent in his officer's speech, that was also not position to inquire.

"Austrian, a city called Osnabruck," said Fredrickson, as if reading Owens' mind. 

Charles 'Chuck' Hall
Owens led Fredrickson to the edge of an un-named hamlet, beyond which a rough and ready encampment stood. Stopping on a small rise that over looked the camp Fredrickson bade Owens to do likewise.
"Brief on the men, will you Sergeant."

Owens scanned an eye about the tents. "The Rifleman on sentry; that's Hall, sir. A Canadian, joined the rifles with a broken heart and serious debt, likes his dice he does. An excellent woodsman and the company's best shot."

Cedric 'Trinidad' Bose
"The black feller, he's Rifleman Bose. Born a freeman on Trinidad  but pressed into the navy. Got so seasick the purser set him ashore, where our recruiting Sergeant got hold of him in some tavern. Turns out he's great with his hands and is an excellent armourer. Committed bit not a great soldier."

John 'Papa Doc' Holmes
Ruari 'Baby Doc' Holmes 
"The remaining two. Now there's a tale. Father and son. Riflemen John and Ruari Holmes, Papa Doc and Baby Doc. Dad was a Regimental Surgeon, 30th Foot, I think. An incident leading to the demise of a senior officer's daughter in childbirth led to a court martial. The noose or the army, well here he is. The son followed him in order to look after father. Both are excellent soldiers Papa Doc struggles a bit to keep up, but he has a good soldiers brain. Baby Doc gives Hall a run for his money, if he had any, with his Baker and considering his background he's one hell of a tracker."

"They've all been chosen for this task and none of us are any the wiser." Owens braced himself for the 'you're not paid to think' speech but was surprised.

"All in good time Sergeant Owens, all in good time. Now get the men fell in, range order."

Owens snapped to attention and doubled away.

Fredrickson's 'Z' men

Well there you have them. The characters for my new adventure. I hope for at least one episode a month. 

Thanks for calling. See you all in the blogsphere. Take care.



  1. A motley crew of miscreants! Look forward to Sweet Williams encounters

  2. A great unit of mini's of dubious nature but honorable intentions... look forward to the encounters

  3. So now we have the cast list. I look forward to reading about their adventures.

  4. A suitable band of brothers chosen for their lack of next of kin, no doubt. Eagerly awaiting their first adventure. Onwards!

  5. Very nice minis, looking forward to some batreps

  6. That British 95th Regiment set gives me an idea for using the tam o' shanter heads for some black & tans conversions, thanks for the heads up

    1. Good to hear from you. Check out as I don't think there's that many of those heads in the pack.

    2. 4 sculpts 3 each, I think that will be ok

  7. Great looking crew and fab paint jobs matey!

  8. The magnifent seven seemd to be missing someone...

    Like many others, I'm enjoying this slow but steady apporach building up the tension (and excitement\0 for what's to come.

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