Saturday, 26 May 2018


Just by chance I picked up this book

It's a great little read and it has spurred me into trying out a new campaign. 

The idea is, when my wife is working, I cook myself a fine dinner and play a game. I've transferred the 18th Century pirate concept to Renaissance Fantasy. I'm using a mish-mash of 2HW  ATZ and Dungeon Crawl rules, with plenty of zombies.

 Sadly, the first game has no dinner attached as SWMBO is currently recuperating from a cataract op.  

The opening table is as:

It is fundamentally a search and destroy treasure hunt. I'll play it out later today and post the outcome ASAP. (I have to lend my computer to my club this afternoon.)

Take care out there.



  1. Interesting concept, looking forward to seeing more of it.
    Where did you get the book ? - It looks very nteresting too

  2. You had me onboard from "Renaissance Fantasy" :-)
    Very much looking forward to seeing some more of this, though I'm sorry to hear about the lack of dinner ;-)

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to SWMBO.

  3. Sounds interesting. Will there be demons, witches or werewolves? Or just religious fanatics :-) ?