Saturday, 2 June 2018

THANK YOU. And a bit of backstory.

A REALLY BIG THANKYOU to all of you that made comments. It has invigorated me to make an effort to keep this up.


Trebor SREVEI is the Peninsula Warden, a law enforcement agent in a lawless part of the county. The county seat is the walled city of Deva. The Peninsula is north of that (c.f. the Wirral.) The main town is Budestone, a port on the northern shore (I am working on the town map and buildings as I type.)

Trebor’s main protagonist is Maurice HIGHSPRUCE, a half elf/orc, who has control of all the criminal gangs in the area. Maurice lives in the wilderness. His gangs work in the town. The gangs are delineated by race.

There are four hostelries in the town, these are:

The Purple Panther Pub.           Elven
The Amber Adder Ale House. Orcan
The Golden Goose Inn.            Dwarven
The Ginger Grizzly Tavern.     Human

Being a port these establishment are not exclusively racially orientated, but are controlled by the named race.

Trebor has digs in The Ginger Grizzly.


One of the things I love about 2HW rules is the random nature of them. BRILLIANT (well done Ed!) My original theme was for Trebor to search and locate a ‘downed’ pilot (from a Da Vinci device) within the zombie ridden hinterland. Two Hour Wargames' game structure changed it to what it will be. So folks I have no idea where this is going.


OK the idea from Sue Laflin-Baker’s book. Which is good fun I can outline the plots in more detail if it is wanted. It is all about the Conference of Wargamers (COW) who dined and then after dinner played one of her plots in the book.

My SWMBO is out this evening on a works leaving do, so I am home alone with my boys. As I didn’t get to dine for the first outing tonight I am dining at the Ginger Grizzly this evening. (N.B. The Landord/chef at the GG is a retired Landsknecht combat chef!) 

 Menu to follow!

Take care out there.



  1. Wonderful, can't wait to read the menu from the The Ginger Grizzly, the mind boggles.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of your campaign.

  3. Seems like this is all coming together nicely, even if it does seem to have a life lal of its own.

  4. Excellent peek 'behind the scenes' - really looking forward to following the campaign :-)