Monday, 1 April 2019

Just a post, explanation and thank you.

It is that time of year again. That time when I have new ideas and try to reinvigorate my hobby.

The past couple of years have crashed and burnt. This year I've made changes. What went wrong previously.

Firstly; my old Mum got ill and required major surgery. She got through it all, but it has required a huge life change and it was left to me to facilitate this. It has culminated in her now living
in a nursing home.

Secondly; I took up an Officer's role in my club, on the proviso that it would take only a couple of hours a week. This rapidly became an almost full time position requiring so much time.

Thirdly; Fourteen months past, I took a P/T job with a well known discount supermarket. I got posted to a brand new store and my 20 hour per week job soon became a 40 hour post.

Finally; SWMBO's sight went South and she couldn't drive. Enough said.

All the above led to a realisation that if I wanted/needed sleep, then there was not sufficient time in the standard day. Something had to give. During the last two years the aforementioned has cost me two good friends and my much loved hobby.


Since the dawn of 2019; Mum has stabilised and although wheel chair bound and not bed bound. I am relinquishing my club office in a couple of weeks (AGM). My work hours have normalised, only this month mind. P's eyes have improved  significantly and I have engaged with one of my lost pals and trying to build bridges with the other. All that is left is to reform my hobby and bloglife. This is the start. Fingers crossed.

Sorry for all the false starts over the past couple of years. Fingers crossed this is IT.

Thanks for all your blogs, believe it or not they have ALL really helped me keep a 'foot on the ground.'




  1. I'm pleased to hear that things are getting better for you, albeit slowly.
    As always, family and one's own health alwasy have to come first and have no fear we'll all still be here when you have time to return to the blogging fold,

  2. Bad things indeed. I know what a wheelchair bound parent is like. (My father was in a wheelchair). My advice is to get them a hobby they can do and love doing. Does not matter what it is.... Probably best not to suggest tramp lining though! You will find it is much better than them sitting in front of a telly all day.

    Good news about the wifes sight getting a little better and good news about the job. And good to have you back posting again!

  3. So pleased that things might be beginning to normalize. Real Life can be relentless sometimes so delighted to hear that the hobby might be making a comeback.

  4. Cheers Guys, it means a great deal.