Thursday, 28 July 2011

Days off

Well the kids are off for the big holiday, sadly my leave got refused so we can't all go away together. So it's another year of days out etc. On the bright side I may get more of a chance for modelling and gaming. The last two days, apart from family stuff, I finished off some scenery but didn't manage to play the scenario I wished for. Although I did write house rules to fit my world.

The shack on Donkey Drive

Jim Bob Joe's still

Various Bases


  1. They look perfect for a trip down to Georgia, hunting Nazi zombies.

  2. I like the small bases of green. Well done mate!

    And keep it up hehe

  3. They're old CDs covered in cheap filla paste, painted and flocked. The growth on the cabin is 'dried' parsley.

  4. Fantastic. Sorry to hear about the leave. work sucks when that happens. Good to hear you're making he most of it though - modelling and family time.

  5. Like the shack and everything else. Parsley? I might just have to get some!