Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Batrep Part One: Zombies come to NC.

"Regan!" the Donegal accent rang out through the halls of the station.


"Take Carter and get yourselves out to Jim Bob Joe's place on Donkey Drive. Got a couple of reports of weird happenings, ever since that train from the Big Apple shed its load."

"Weird happenings?"

"It's Donkey Drive! Take Carter with ye."

Constable Jack Regan shrugged, "right you are."

"Oh and Jack, try and keep young Carter's mind on the task in hand and away from Cindy. You know what a hot patootie she is."

Regan smiled and nodded, "and the cookin' sarge?"

"Well should ye be stumblin' by any of the finest shine in the county ye should be takin' a couple of bottles into protective custody."

"Aye protective custody it is sarge," Carter a second generation Irishman, a race that had the monopoly on law enforcement in Moor City, allowed himself to slip into the brogue of his parents.

"Git yerself gone Regan, and don't forget da wee skelp."

Regan winked at his senior, turned on the balls of his feet and made his way to the street.

"George, saddle up compardre, we're headin' fur them thar hills and your driving!"

'Bloody pair of  ejits,' thought the desk sergeant as his best pair of officers left the building. 'Be careful lads and my St. Michael be with ye. I don't like this one bit.'

Moor City Police House

Based on 2HWs Zombie Nazis go down to Georgia adapted for my world. Jack 'The Governor' Regan is a rep. 5 star armed with a pistol and nightstick (+ 2 melee) he has stone cold and born leader attributes. George 'Punchy' Carter is a rep 4 grunt armed the same with clumsy attribute. There is a shotgun in the boot/trunk of the car.


31 Donkey Drive

The police vehicle enters the table on the dirt track. Jack takes a ‘copper sense’ test, which he passes d2. 3 zeds are generated and placed on the board, as it is night most cannot be seen. 1 is at the limit of sight.

The half moon was well up by the time Jack and George bounced down Donkey Drive. The light from the stars cast an eerie shadow around the debris hat surrounded the couple’s shack. Stopping the car on the dirt track the officers alighted.

“I’m not happy with this George. Get the shooter.”

George Carter pulled the Remington pump action shotgun from the trunk and cocked it. Jack Regan upholstered his forty-five.

Initial Zombie Generation


Activation 3-: In sight test taken, which they pass. Zed or no zed test pass d2, halt test pass d2. Remaining zeds converge on the humans but are still out of sight. Jack takes another ‘copper sense’ test and passes d1.

“Is that you Jim Bob Joe?” shouts Jack Regan as the two officers walk slowly towards the figure. He gets no reply from the gloomy shape.

“Guv, that ain’t Jim Bob Joe, can’t tell who it is. Can you?”

Jack did not reply but cocked back the hammer on his pistol. The harsh metallic sound made the hairs on the back of Carter’s neck tingle.
Jack & George face their first Zed


Activation: 3-3, a wounded civilian appears. Re-roll; 1-3. Zeds first and charges Regan. A second zed moves into sight, all pass the insight test. The second zed charges Carter.

The figure in front of them groans and bursts into life hurtling across the gap between them. A flash of brilliant white teeth is all Regan saw as he snap fired. The figure didn’t stop. Jack fires again and the figure is thrown backwards and lies groaning on the floor.

Another figure bursts from the darkness. George spins to face it and lets loose. The figure disappears into a show of blood red rain.

A rustling sound pulled George’s attention to the bushes to his right. George brings his shotgun to the shoulder and slides the reload.

 “That you Officer Regan? Am I sure glad to see the police.”

George Carter recognises the voice, “Hector! Hector Jackson! Is that you? If it is you damn near got your head blown off.”
Hector Jackson limps towards the officers.

“What happened Hector?” asked Carter.

“Don’t rightly know. I was out here huntin’ when all of a sudden I get way laid. I blasts my way out and here I is. Twisted my god damn knee in the process.”

Jack Regan had made his way over to the groaning figure. It rolled onto its stomach and tied to raise itself from the ground. Jack Regan put his gun to the back of the creature’s head and popped it off. The zed’s head exploded.

The Boys meet Hector and pop a weasel.

“Hector,” he said without taking his eyes from the corpse, “do you know what that thing is?”

“No sir, but one thing for sure it ain’t human.”

“Amen to that,” says Jack.

“Hector, you stick with us. George, let’s go check out the shack.”

There are 2 new zombies created one at the top left of the table and one to the bottom right. Both out of sight.


Activation: 5-2. Humans move towards the hut and into the sight of two zombies. In sight passes 2d, easy to hit rule sees them gone. Movement reduced to 6” because of injured party.

Peering hard into the darkness faint shadows merge from the night. Both officers bring their weapons to the ready.


The night air explodes as Regan and Carter fire simultaneous. Red rain showers the officers and they keep moving to the shack occupying 31 Donkey Drive, Hector Jackson limping behind.

Advancing on the Shack, leaving behind two dead zeds.

Zero Zombies generated.


Activation: 5-4. The party moves to the door and take a 'What's inside' Check. A 9, door locked and hear screams. Attempt to break down the door 'Challenge Test'. One passes d1, partially breaking in the door. Second passes d1 finishes the job.

Jack, George and Hector reach the thirty-one. Dull moaning echos from within. Regan takes a couple of steps back and launches himself at the wooden door. The frame shudders and the door cracks but it still remains shut.

Carter giggles, "your getting too old for this game George," he said pushing passed his mentor and hammering the weakened door with his size nine. The door burst off its hinges in a shower of wood.

"Now that's how to do a door Mr. Regan," mutters Hector.

Jack Regan shot Hector withering look, "Shaat up Hector."

1 Zombie generated bottom left (again)

TURN 6/7

Activation: 4-4: Betty Lou and Ennie Sue turn up. Now with three groups re-roll 3-6-2. With only the sweeny and the girls moving it was a short turn. Only a 'Halt Test' required.

The sound of a vehicle backfiring gets the attention of the three men.

"Re-enforcements, Jack?"

"Doubt it, you know how strapped we are on the section."

The vehicle coughs to a stop and the light is extinguished. The three boys peer into the darkness.

"George Carter, that you. It better be! We got something we need to discuss!" came a shrill voice from the blackness.

Jack casts a look of disbelief at his partner.

"Betty-Lou?" queries George.

"We surely do!" a distinctly  different voice sounded.

"Oh Christ, Emmie-Sue."


"Sorry Jack, I had no ...."

"I knew bloody little George would be the death of you."

The two women hove into the sight of the men. Carter spies the glint of gunmetal in the moonlight.

The girls arrive
"Christ they're armed!"

"We sure are, and you're getting it!" screams Betty-Lou.

Jack Regan stepped in front of his friend, raising his pistol. "My name's Jack Regan. I'm mean, tired and I haven't had my dinner yet! Now drop them guns and stop messing about!"

Terrified by the mere presence the two women do as they're told and  surrender to the officer.

"Now all of you, just get inside.

And surrender to Jack

 Zombies, hidden by the night advance on our heros.

Activation: 1-3: Two zombies appear and can only be seen by Jack and George. they take an insight test and pass. Both snap fire and just manage to dispatch the zeds.

"George!" yells Regan swinging up his pistol and firing at the advancing shapes.

"Shit!" he exclaims as his first shot goes wide. Concentrating he looses his second and the zed is downed.

Carter brings his shotgun to the shoulder and opens up, dispatching the remaining zed.

"Pick up those peashooters and get in here!" orders Jack.

The three civvies and the officers enter the shack.

1 Zed generated bottom left.


Activation: 2-6. The group enter the shack and find three dead zeds. No Jim Bob Joe or Cindy.

"My God," hissed Betty-Lou, "what on earth.."

"Too long a tale and we don't righty know either," replied Jack.

"George, we still gotta find Jim Bob Joe and Cindy. You stay here with this gang and I'll go and check the still."

"Right you are Governor."

Jack Regan checked the that the coast was clear and slipped out of the door making his way to the still. George took guard at the door.


Activation: 2-3-4: Order; Zeds/George's group/Jack. 2 Zombies appear George snap fires and misses. The Zombies charge. 'Being Charged' test is a catastrophic fail. RETIRE!

"I'm just stepping outside to get a better view," said George to his group.

"You won't go far will ya baby?" says Emmie-Sue, which receives a glare that could kill from the other women.

"Na, just outside the door," George said stepping into the verandah.


The blood drained from Carter's face as he snap fired from the hip at the apparitions that appeared before him. All his shots went wild. The creatures barred their teeth and lunged at the officer.

"Jack! Help!" screamed the officer as he clattered back into the apparent safety of the shack.

Jack Carter made his way to the still. He was guided by the faint glow of the dying fire underneath the kettle. He jumped from his skin when the sound of Carter's gun erupted out of the silence. Turning he rushed back to the shack.

He heard his compardre's cry as he turned the corner, levelling his pistol he dispatched the nearest Zed, his second shot pulled wide.

No zeds generated.

Jack Regan to the rescue.

Aeriel view of table at end of Part 1

Tune in same channel to Part 2 coming soon.


  1. Brilliant Irqan! Damn fine batrep and a great story pulling ti all together - more and soon!

    What make are your minis? and what scale? and where did you get those fantastic cars?

  2. D'oh! Just read your plastic zombie post from 24-May and got the answer to the mini-make question! So they are 1/72nd are they? and: setting in prohibition america - truly inspired Irqan!

  3. As a huge fan of The Sweeney, this had me chuckling throughout, even if it wasn't set in 1970's London. I can't wait for part two. Well done, Irqan!

  4. that looks cool,i have loads of soviet german ww2 stuff in 1/72,i have to get a bag o zombies,and play a few games

  5. Brilliant mate!

    Love how it feels like a movie!!

  6. Thank guys

    @ cmnash. The cars came from a local model shop that they were trying to get rid of at .99p each. Got a good deal! They're a bit bit big but work OK.

    @ Vampifan, you are the Lord at this thing. So BIG thanks for your comments, saw your post on Collins. My Grand father was engaged in that war. Nice comment.

    @ shinto, zombies ave no time scale. I got some red indians (excuse the none PC) and some roundheads and fancy a Ronoke Island scenario. Check out Two hour wargames site. There is no reason why zombies could not appear at Stalingrad!

  7. Nice one Irquan - always gratifying to get a bargain like that!

  8. Superb Batrep and great set-up. YOu've really upped your game, great job Irqan.