Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Episode 2: Da Da Daaaaa, Da Da Daaaaaa.


Jack Regan and George Carter were sent to 31 Donkey Drive in order to check out ‘weird’ happenings. Almost immediately on arrival they were set on by a band of the undead. They fight their way to the shack on route picking up a limping Hector Jackson, a local hunter. Whilst at the shack two of George Carter’s ex-girlfriends arrive in order to avenge their slighted honour. Jack goes to check out the still at the rear of the property, when more zeds attack the front. George catastrophically fails to deal with the assault and flees into the shack. Jack Regan heaves around the corner offs one zed, the other turns to face him. It is night and dawn will not arrive ‘til turn 18.


Activation: 3-2, Jack fires and misses the zombie charges and engages Jack in melee.
R1: 56621 – 2; R2: 16 – 2; R3: 1-2; R4: 1-5.

Jack draws a bead on the second zed and squeeze off a round. The bullet drills into the creatures arm but does not slow it down. His follow up round fared no better and the zed fell upon him. It’s first blow sent Jack staggering back, he composed himself and took up a classic boxing stance but the zed’s flailing caused him to fall back, he narrowly dodged the creature’s gnashing. A left jab, then another and a thunderous right hook caved in the undead skull, and it’s body crumpled to the floor.

“Just like Father Brian always said. Bob and weave, Jack, bob and weave,” Jack thought to himself, “wish I paid more attention,” he muttered.

Jack engages in fisticuffs


Activation 6-1: Nothing happens.

Jack wiped the blood from his knuckles with a rag he found on the porch. He pulled the magazine from his automatic and refilled it.


Activation: 1-6: Rally passes 2d, carry on result.

“Carter! You big girl’s blouse. Get tour arse into gear and outta that shack.”

George Carter sheepishly slipped from the shelter and looked white-faced at his partner. He shrugged cocked the shotgun.

“Enough said?”

George nodded.

“Right, back to work. Let’s find Jim Bob Joe and Cindy. You stay here and I’ll try and check out the still again.”


Activation: 1-1 Jim Bob Joe is found.  2  zeds appear and are dispatched pdq, with the extra firepower from JBJ’s shotgun.

“God bless you fellers.” Sounded a voice from the darkness.  

Jack and George jumped and swung their weapons around to face the noise.

“Don’ shoot fellers, don’ shoot, it’s me Jim Bob Joe!”

Jim Bob Joe & Zombies
"Jim Bob, where's Cindy 'cause we sure as hell need to get owtta here," screamed George.

A faint humming sound came from beyond the limit of their sight. Jack cocked his pistol, George pumped another round into the breach. JBJ, pulled back the hammers on his side by side.

The moaning seemed to coagulate and form two zeds.


The three opened up at once and the threat vanished in a wave of blood.

Two dead zeds

No zeds


Activation: 4-2. No zeds so just general movement.

 "Jim Bob Joe, where you say Cindy is?" asked Jack.

"Still sir."

"Come on let's get her."

Jack and JBJ left the front of the shack as the civilians from inside came out.

"Mista George, I got me a baseball bat," commented Hector.

"Good for you, Hector."

No zeds.


Activation:5-6: Check the still find three bodies, one of which is Cindy, unconscious but alive.

"Bloody hell Mister Regan, there's more of them."

Jack Regan and Jim Bob Joe walked through the the remains of three undead. Checking the corpse Jack saw that two had been throat slashed and the thirds cranium had been staved in by a piece of kindling.

"She's there!" exclaimed JBJ rushing towards the body of his wife. Dropping his shotgun he dropped to his knees, "be OK angel, be OK."

Jack pushed him gently aside and checked her pulse.

"She's OK, Jim, just KO'd. Pick her up and let's get out of here."

Jim Bob Joe threw his wife onto hi shoulder, in a fireman's lift, and picked up his gun with his free hand.

"Take her to the girl's car, it's bigger."

"Right  you are, said JBJ striding from the still.

Jack turned to follow him, when his eyes fell upon a crate of bottles. He took one from its cradle, pulled the cork with his teeth, spat it out and took a swig. The alcohol hit stomach and burst in a glowing frame through his body. Glancing at the disappearing moonshiner, "you make damn fine hooch, my friend." Jack picked up  the case and followed the man and his wife.

Jack &JBJ check out the still


Activation 4-5: No Doubles

Jack dropped the case of 'shine next to George, "at least we'll keep the Sergeant Happy."

"Jack, he only wanted a couple of bottles."

Regan winked at his partner. Emmie-Lou approached the two officers and handed them each a freshly rolled cigarette.

"Obliged, ma'am," said Regan, "you get back into your car and look to Cindy. George, you Hector and Jim Bob Joe take the job car and we'll meet you back at the station house."

"Right you are Governor," he said igniting his roll-up and proffering the Lucifer to Regan.

The faint red shades of dawn lightened the eastern sky. Jack Regan pulled hard on his tobacco, "oh and George..."


"Get your bloody hair cut."

The group make their way to the vehicles.

Well I really enjoyed this game. If anyone out there is worried about figures, terrain etc. Once again, lay and blog the batreps. It is so much fun! I will try to do at least one a month from now on.

What did I learn. Well, the dice Gods work in mysterious ways. Most of the zeds appeared in the bottom sector. This was a bit too spooky as on my main campaign map that is where the railroad is from which the zeds got spilt! Secondly, the rural environment certaianly gave our heroes the advantage, I don't think that Jack and George would have survived in an urban one. Dispite their abilities dealing with the zombies of 70's London! Once again, H2H combat is not recommended unless you get out your nightstick as Jack nearly found out.

A pal of mne prompted me to try a new photo technique, 'to get more depth and focus.' Well either it didn't work or I got it wrong, hence the out of focus shots in this episode. He said he'd give me a lesson for a couple of pints.

Thanks for viewing. Good luck guys.


  1. Great ending to a thoroughly enjoyable batrep. I do admire you for trying something different by setting your campaign in the 1920's. It's true that you can get away with a lot more in a rural setting than in an urban setting.

  2. Awesome Batrep sir. Loved the still, very cool.

  3. Splendid batrep Irqan. Ditto both Vampi's and Ad's comments, but I think the most important part of the whole batrep was this:
    "I really enjoyed this game"
    That's what counts and from our point of view, we're likely to be able to digest more batreps like we were zeds with a fresh kill!!

    errr ... I think I got a bit carried away there - sorry, but I hop e you see what I mean!

  4. Up for all that boys. Yes and playing is just great. Ed Tex got the balance right between RPG and gaming. As mostly a solo gamer, it plays so well with me.

    Anyone else that reads this PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. and batrep it. We all love the adventure. DO IT!