Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Return of the Juggers: Game of the QWIK

Well after my foray into zombie world I thought I'd get diverted into THW's other game. Modelling kit in hand, green stuff at the ready off I went.

Away I went. Chopping, changing, adding wire and green stuff.

This is where my love affair with GS fell out. I had real problems getting it to stick to where it was supposed to. I also had huge issues getting altered arms/heads to stay in place. I can't seem to remember having these problems when I was younger. Here are the results.

The chain is some broken jewelery from Mrs. L's extensive collection. The stakes are plain old toothpicks. Dog skull from a pack o'zombie dogs, various padding and armour either off cuts or GS. I'm hoping that a paint job will hide a multitude of sins!

Now to plan my next adventure in zombieland.


  1. Looking good Irqan - I'm going to have to get some of this green stuff and have a play ...

  2. It is good stuff but needs practice. You can do almost anything with it. Check out some you tube 'how to' tapes.