Wednesday, 21 December 2011

THANKS+++++National Health Service++++THANKS

As you know I haven't been well recently and I've been treated so well. But today my 79 year old Mum fell and twisted her knee. EVERYONE involved from the Ambulance Staff, who were just GREAT.

courteous, humorous and professional.

The triage staff at the hospital were terrific and she was treated with courtesy, concern and professional care, and this went right through the the Minors Dept. where the nurses and Doctor took no nonsense from an old retired nurse and forced her to confront her injury. Three hours later she's at mine with a crepe bandage and a couple of crutches walking and weight carrying on her leg.


And all those that work so hard in the NHS. Have a happy Christmas, even if you're working and I dare not use the Q word.


  1. That's a very heart-warming story, Irqan. We truly have a lot to be thankful for with our NHS. In all of my dealings with them I have nothing but praise for every one of the staff I have met.

  2. I have been in and out of hospital since July (when I started this crazy Zombie adventure) and have nothing but praise for the Nurses, auxiliaries, cleaners and Doctors of the NHI who have shown me nothing but professionalism, curtesy and care during my many periods of stay; I too can'tpraise them enough.

  3. Good to hear she's OK, I used to work in the health service once upon a time.....

  4. Get well soon lrqan's Mum. Hope you have a good Christmas anyway Happy New Year to you to

  5. Just seen this post Irqan - apologiees for my tardiness.

    It's good to read a positive account of the NHS - our media only ever reports bad news.

    I hope that your mum is if not fully recovered now, then well on her way to it!