Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

Well it is that time for reflection. My biggest thing for last year was joining this community. The friendship of you ALL and the pure joy of reading your blogs, batreps and adventures has been a pure pleasure. So what for the new year. Well I have a medical procedure to look forward to in April (cardioversion, stopping and rebooting your heart) which means a big lifestyle change and a regimen of drugs.

But that is nothing to what I want to do: Blog at least once a week, an ATZ game a month, sort out my figures and go with Vampifan down the card model town lane, I've failed so far. This I hope will lead to further batreps and the outline of some fiction I enjoy writing.

I'm also torn about starting a QWIK tourney and THW's new 'Long Rifle' game, brought up on Davey Crockett and Hawkeye. If you don't know about it try checking out the TWH blog were Ed (the writer) has run out a few scenarios, well worth reading.

 A new role in work should help with all the above.

Well folks, good luck for the new year, a GREAT BIG THANKS, see you all in cyberspace.


  1. Happy new year sir! Don't worry you'll get your ATZ report a month done. I'm still yet to paint a single a zombie for mine yet

  2. I wish you all the best for 2012, both hobby-wise and health-wise. Good health and being happy are so important. Take care, Irqan!

  3. Happy New Year, and best of luck when April comes along.

    Looking forward to reading your blog this year.

  4. Be well in the new year.

    Happy new year mate

  5. Hey Irqan, As a fellow blogger who aspires to the standards of Vampifan the Great, both in terms of batreps and building of cardboard empires, I've come to grips with the fact that us mere mortals will never match the standards that he so uncaringly sets so high!

    However, that's not to say we should give up the struggle!!

    Seriously, having endured my own health issues, I hope that you come through yours safely and that this new year is a great one for you.

    Finally, I agree completely with what you wrote regarding the wargamers' blogging community. It is a great place to be and I'm glad that you have joined us!

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