Thursday, 10 May 2012

Obituary for Charlie

Moor City Globe
Serving the Community since 1910

MOOR CITY MOURNS by James Street (Photographer G. Street).

Moor City PD Mourn a Lost Colleague

                      Moor City mourns the death of one of its finest, Constable Charles 'Charlie' Dickens. Following closely behind the disappearance of two other officers in mysterious circumstances.
                     Charlie came to Moor City from London, Ontario, after qualifying from the University, majoring in English. Aged only twenty years he wished to be a writer and joined Moor City Police Department in order to gain some 'life exeprience'.
                     Posted to St. Paul's precinct he was attached to section three run by Sergeant Albert Green. On August ?? 193?,  Charlie was ordered to enforce a cordon on Donkey Drive, the entrance to 'Purgatory'. Moor City's shanty situated on the river's eastern banks, relieving the night watch. Initially the shanty was quiet. However, matters quickly worsened as local residents, roused by internal gangs attempted to break the quarantine, that had been in place since an outbreak of an unknown illness a week ago.
                   Charlie and his section fought a running battle with the rioters along Donkey Drive for eight hours. During the battle Charlie was ordered to summon help. Despite the danger to himself he ran a gauntlet of outrageous fortune and completed his order. He rejoined the thin blue line until re-enforcements from the city arrived. Sadly during the disturbance Constable Dickens was stuck on his head by a rock, crushing his skull. This wound proved fatal. Further investigations are ongoing to trace the offending rioter. Detectives are not ruling out a connection between this death and the disappearance of Officers Briggs and Louis in the same area.
                   The funeral cortege was headed by The Moor City Police and Fire Pipe Band. Followed by Police Commissioner; Newton Le Willows, Mayor; Micheal Brunswick and Charles Dickens (Snr).

Moor City Police & Fire Pipe Band lead the Cortege.

Honour Guard pay their Respects

                  A firing party consisting of his colleagues and an unknown agent from the Bureau of Investigation fired a salute over his grave.

Firing Squad

                   "He was a good boy with a promising future, so brave. He'll be sadly missed," commented Police Sergeant Albert Lynch.


  1. I take of my hat in his honour!

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  2. I'll raise a dram to him, very nicely done!

  3. Great set up, at first glance I thought this was a tribute to a real person !

  4. Cheers Guys. Gratefully appreciated. THANKS! is this what the ZBA is about?

  5. A Sad sad day! Nice pictures