Friday, 25 May 2012

ORDERS: Intro to the next phase of Haven ATZ campaign.

Gunnery Sergeant Major Thomas Highway surveyed his platoon. 'America needs a few good men! But are these them?' he thought ironically. After leaving the USMC Gunny Highway found retirement too tame and joined the 152nd National Guard. He surveyed his platoon; a mixture of  farm boys and city lads looking for a bit of excitement and a uniform to wow the girls. Sadly under trained but with enthusiasm and youth he hoped they wouldn't get his ass blown off on a live firing training exercise or in the next big one.

His, overweight, store clerk, of a Company Commander had dropped a live one in his lap. A 'No Duff' mission.

"Listen Up!" he started bringing all their attention to him.


General Situation
There has been an outbreak of some unknown illness in the shanty town just outside of Moor City. The area has been quarantined and the CivPol are having a hard time controlling the populous. Hygiene has become an issue as one of the standpipes that brings water to the majority of the town has broken down. The city is sending in a work team to fix it.
Our job is to protect that work gang.
We are likely to encounter 'the sick' who, it would appear, be prepared to attack anything living within its sight, the civilian population, and we all know how they can be and organic outlaw gangs who have access to arms but with a loose command structure.

Our Intentions

It is our intention to support the repair of this pipeline by protecting the work team and bringing them out of the shanty safely.

Instructions for Units

The platoon will be split into two sections.
Section one: Sgt. Jones (R4,BAR); Swede Johanson (R3, SAW) & Tom Profile (R3, BAP). You'll have the BAR and provide over-watch to my section and the work team.
Section two: Me (R5,BAR); Mario Coozoo (R4,BAR) & Vincent Fragetti (R3,BAR). Standard patrol kit. Our role will be to provide close protection to the work gang.
In addition we'll have Mikey Quinoness (R3,BAP) as the team's medic and Jay Hicks (R4,BAP) as the driver.
We will pick up the work gang at the camp entrance 07.00 hours. Travel to the shanty in our own transport. De-bus and follow my lead.
The gang do their thing then it's en-bus and egress.


I'm in command and will be located with the main work team. Should I go down, Sgt. Jones takes over. After that it's Hicks.
There'll be no form of remote communication.

Other Matters

Only fire on my say so or if taking effective enemy fire.
Should we take any prisoners. Into the truck and we'll hand them to the civpol at the quarantine line.
Revallie 06.00 hours.
Last meal here breakfast 06.30 hours. Hicks, collect the ration packs for the day.
Parade 06.50 hours camp entrance. Hicks have the vehicle there by 06.45 hours.
Next hot chow, evening meal here.
Equipment: Standard Patrol Order. Springfields & bayonet twenty rounds each. SAW, one full case spare ammunition. No grenades. Don't forget full canteens. Quinoness, ensure we have at least one canteen extra per man.

Any questions?

So starts the next phase of my campaign, the Military. I'm going to stick with the 152nd North Carolina National Guard throughout this phase, and not bother with the regs as I'll just increase the reps of those that survive!


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