Monday, 7 May 2012

Riot, Part 1: Batrep, AAR, All things Zombie

Seven days on and things are getting bad in Purgatory. The sick are becoming more prolific and the gangs are loosing business. A public display of resistance has been organised.

Sergeant Al Lynch and his section have finished their night rota and are now back on the quarantine line for the early shift.

Turn 1

'Bull had done well,' thought Little Mo as he surveyed the crowd. They'd been asked, cajoled and bullied but were here. A mob, his own mob and armed with a few strategically placed crates of bottles he felt sure that they'd burst quarantine. Tactically placed gang members got the mob's dander up and off they went.

The Mob

Off they Go

"You bring those gas grenades, like I told you, Jack?" queried Sergeant Al Lynch. It had been a week since their last duty at Purgatory and now on the day shift things were markedly different.

"Aye Sarge," came the reply, "only able to get four though."

"Should be enough, Jack. Don't use 'em 'til I give you the order," Al Lynch tried to sound more confident then he felt. Only Jack Regan had been in a riot before and this mob looked like it was ready to rumble.

 The mob was rolled and they move their 6" into the fray.

Turn 2 (3-4)

"Jack! Look after the left. George, Charlie get the shotguns. Everyone else. Batons!" Al ordered. His section obeyed without question. He cast a sanguined eye over his men. Jack Regan; solid copper, ex-military, new his stuff. His cousin George Carter; young, able and good with a shooter. Nozzer and Sonny; the former a bit of a flake but could hold his own in a fight, the latter a cross breed pit-bull, enough said. Then there were his two tyros.  Charlie Dickens and Lee Green; neither having been tested and were a bit of a worry for him.

View from the Police Line
The mob stopped in place.

Turn 3 (4-4) (6-3) (one PEF R4 in 3)

"SERVE AND PROTECT, NOT SUPPRESS!" the crowd became more rowdy. The odd bottle flew at the police line but fell short.


"Lee! Double away and 'phone this in. We're going to need help before this day is out!" Lynch ordered his junior officer.

The mob stayed in place and moved up an aggression level. The PEF did not move and the cops braced themselves.

Turn 4 (M5/PEF2/Cops4)

Al watched with increasing disquiet, "Jack man in boater with the baseball bat. He needs sorting!"

"Got that!"


Little Mo, from the safety of the rear of the mob strained his ears. He thought he heard something, a moaning? A high pitched keening sound. Slapping one of the gang he said, "get 'em going, boy we need them UP!" The noise he heard forgotten.

Turn 5 (4/3/5)

The Sick
Mo heard the screams to his right. Then he saw them, they burst from behind the Mission building. Blood crazed and roaring.

"The sick! The sick!" Panic ensued as teeth snapped at them. Reddened talons clawed at mob members as the group of undead crashed into them tearing and snapping. Those that recovered fought back. Two, three more went down to the fight back. Baseball bats, bottles, canes and sticks cracked heads. Bodies fell. Those that went down to zeds were fell upon and their body's torn into bite sized bloody chunks. It was too much for most and the mob scattered.

The Fight Goes On
 The PEF resolved to be 10 zombies they fell onto the crowd. But with the higher rep and armed members being at the front the zeds struggled only managing two kills. The 'seeing the feast' tests for civilians is a tough one to pass. 5 fled and all but 3 ducked back.

Turn 6 (Z6/3)

Aftermath of zed attack

"Let's go!" Al Lynch vaulted the barrier and ran into the fray. George and Charlie opened up with their shotguns, two zeds disappeared in a cloud of black blood. The remainder followed their Sergeant.

 The zed gang are tidied up by the cops who sortie out to help their fellow humans.

Turn 7 (6(123)/3)

"You!stand still!" snapped Jack Regan as he came face to face with the previously identified. The shocked man just stood and stared at the officer.

"You're nicked!" The male made no reply but dropped his bat and obeyed Jack. Jack didn't bother to 'cuff him.

The exit to Purgatory was open. Those that survived came from their hiding places and gathered in front of Mo's place.

Jack, 'eels someones collar' & the Mob reform.
The zeds are finsihed off Jack gets into a melee with one of the survivors. Those that 'ducked back'came from their hiding places and were close enough to reform. Their aggression level went up to 5 & 'aggitators' are represented by the red markers.

Turn 8 (6-5)

"Ok boys. Take it easy, back up slowly. Keep facing the crowd," Al instructed his young in service. The comfort of George Carter's shotgun 'umberella' giving them the space they needed. The threat was enough and the mob remained in place.

Jack banged his prisoner into the Black Maria.

Banged Up
With no mob movement the cops managed to retire in safety.

To be continued.....


  1. Very atmospheric and exciting. Bring on part two!

    1. Thanks Bryan. Much appreciated. I saw your photo on 'Board of the Dead' I must pot one myself. Nice pu£$y!

  2. Excellent batrep. I like your use of the backdrop pictures, too. Looking forward to the next installment very much.

    1. Cheers LJ. Do the US cops use expressions like 'you're nicked' and 'having your collar felt' ?

  3. Very entertaining read Irqan, the mob made for good storytelling. I look forward to seeing how things progress from here.

  4. 10 zeds popping out of nowhere! DAMN!

    Well next time Mo may have learned to listen a bit more carefully.

    Good read, thanks mate!

    1. Cheers its just the way the zombie dice rolls!

  5. Rip-roaring bat-rep, thoroughly enjoyable, roll on the next next one !

  6. Very good Batrep! :D

    Go for the second time! :D