Sunday, 10 June 2012

Musings (it seems like a habit)

Well, it seems like the weekend is my time for blogging and I appear to be getting a trio in. I've spent my entire adult life dealing with the worse of human kind and it can jade your views.

But when you sit down and think of it we're a great gang of creatures. Granted the southern hemisphere gave our boys (in the 1st XVs) a spanking yesterday but hey ho.

You saw the post of the motorcycle run, at Easter. Well that run had 30,000 bikers in it and earned over 100k (sterling) for the local kid's charities.

One of the other things this little peninsular holds is an annual kite festival. The colours, the crowds, the picnics and everyone just having a good time in the sunshine. The pilots ('cause that's what you call kiters!) willing to share their hobby in an enthusiastic way, like it happens at wargame conventions.

No matter who or what you are we all have more in common to make us friends then we have to make us enemies (unless your a zed!) This blog group (and the others) is proof of that.


PS. My notes for episode 2 I left at work, so I'll post that when I get hold of them.

Just some photos of kites for your delectation.

Kites, sir Thasans of 'em

Even a Toy Monkey had a kite

A Trilobite & a Manta Ray (what can one say?)

All the best gang. Bob


  1. Thats a nice sight. It's been more than 10 years since I saw a kite last time. That idea with the monkey is great, lol!

  2. Discs of Tchzeench!!!!

    Looking good though.

  3. lol @ Johnny, yes they do look like em. Love the monkey one, thanks for sharing Irqan.

  4. Wow! What a wonderful sight; no matter how tough things get there is always something around the corner to lift the soul. Unless of course you are an England front row player! ;)

  5. Laughing my ass off at Johnny's comment. Kite festivals are always great fun and I totally agree with you that they can lift your spirits.

  6. Those kites are awesome. Nice pics.

  7. Great pics and nicely done and well said as well sir.