Sunday, 24 June 2012

Odd week & Prequel

Where does the time go? Another week with no hobby time! Sacrelige! Reflecting; I suppose the youngest heir's 9th birthday and the conversion of my 'man cave' to a Lego building station put pay to modelling. I'm not a great footy fan, but I have found the current competition entertaining which has taken up some time and a couple of shift changes'll do it for you.

On the plus side I've managed to get to a better grip of my birthday tablet, with which I was struggling. The result was that I wrote the prequel to my next game on it and managed to send it here.

Prequel: Patrol

"Highway! You have one KIA. One MIA, who is still out there, and the men are in a mess! Tell me now why I shouldn't just cashier your butt right now!" Major Ring was apoplectic, foam was practically spilling from his mouth as he screamed at the Gunny.
Tom Highway stood at ease staring straight ahead. He'd been chewed out before, by professionals, not a part timer who was more in tune with his trucking business then fighting for your life.
"Yes sir. You didn't see them, the walking dead and I'm going back in tonight to recover Fragetti. My boys are with me."
"Your boys, They're not your boys. They're my boys, the Guards' boys, America's boys!"
"Sir," a teenage, pasty faced Lieutenant, standing next to Highway, spoke up.
"I gave the Gunny permission to lead a rescue mission tonight."
Powers glared at the subaltern, "lieutenant, dismissed."
Lt. Ring snapped to attention spun and marched from the office. Leaving only Powers, Highway and the Regimental Sergeant Major in the room. Powers paced to and fro finishing inches from Highway.
"Highway. You're an anachronism. The war has been over years. There's no place for the likes of you in this new era. I'd have your ass on a silver platter if it wasn't for that child," he snarled jerking his head to the office door.
"Now get out of here, sort out your patrol and send that jackass in as you leave."
The two NCOs threw up a salute and marched from the office.
Leaving, they passed an even paler looking Lieutenant.
Guardsmen Practise Hand to Hand Combat
Highway saluted, "he wants to see you L.T."
Ring looked crest fallen.
Highway clenched his fist in front of of his ribboned chest, "L.T. hurrah," he said and left the building with his old pal.
"You ready for this Tom?"
"I'm an anachronism, of course I'm ready.

Stay safe gang.


  1. Sounds good, Nice teaser for the next batrep

  2. Agreed. I'm looking forward to next encounter.

  3. Sounds like the next scenario will be full of action, really looking forward to it.

  4. Excellent prequel. I'm all ready looking forward to the gaming. That was very well written, too.