Monday, 3 September 2012

ZED PIT-WIP-Parts 1, 2 and 3.

My recent trip to the central pier at Blackpool gave me an idea for a project. A Zed Pit. So here it is for your entertainment.

Part 1- Preparation.
Failing to plan is planning to fail. So the plans. Based on BDTZ zombie pit.

The tools for the job

Part 2

Cutting the props.

Laying out the ground plan.

I drilled some holes in each of the corners and inserted a pin into these holes as supports.

This was harder then I thought and I broke two drill bits.

Placing the pillars on the pins.

Strengthening the frame

Adding the railings.

Part 3
Some Aluminium Mesh.

Gluing the fencing

After running out of mesh I added four panels of lolly sticks

Nearly complete, view 1

Nearly complete, view 2

Just need to base it properly and slap on some paint.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading. All the best.



  1. Now that's an original idea. I like it! And you are so right - failing to plan is planning to fail. Prep work is essential.

    1. Cheers Bryan. FTPPTF, is one of the many military sayings that I've picked up over the years.

  2. Nice idea. methodical and planned. Good to see WIP shots Should turn out good. I am looking forward to seein it finished now. All the best Clint.

  3. That looks really neat. That is for zomibe gladiator games, of a kind? Sounds pretty interesting.

  4. Nice! It really is pretty simple, and it's well executed so far.

    How do the zeds get put into the pit? Will there be a gate, or a platform next to the pit?

  5. A spot of zombie baiting eh? Sounds like a great idea.

  6. I am with the others .... so whats the purpose of the 'Z' pit? otherwise good method and execution so far.

  7. Extraordinarrii- Zombie pit fighting was introduced in I, Zombie as an activity one can either bet on or participate in while they visit Lake Havasu City. The book also has Zombie Racing (simplified from the now OOP Dead Heat game).

    I am planning on doing something similar for my Mackinac Island Campaign (pits will be located in Charlevoix, MI and Green Bay, WI), along with making a couple Qwik fields (each major community in my game has at least one team that competes against the other communities teams, with Mackinac Island having a couple of recreational teams in addition to the competitive team). Just need to either find suitable 28mm figures for Qwik players or bite the bullet and get the 15mm Highlander Studios Qwik figures.