Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Zombie Fighting Pit- Part 4.

Sorry about the delay for posting and my silence on your posts, which I enjoy reading. However, real life has taken over and I've been hellishly busy at work, couple this with the heirs going back to school I haven't had any time to myself.

The Zombie Pit project has slowed and I've just scored the base and inserted some foam card into the cage itself to act as some form of base. I'll score it as crazy paving and then paint it. It is now a bit of an albatross as I don't know why I started it or what I'll use it for!!!!!

Tools for the job.

I cut the pizza base into shape from the outline. However this did not slot in like I thought it would. I therefore further sliced it into sections and wood glued them onto the base, filling in the gaps with wood glue.

Glueing the base.

The next phase of the campaign is the 'law & order' patrol. So I want a project to create building interiors. I have an ingenious plan for this. So I want to get going ASAP.

Keep safe and well out there. Sorry again for my silence.



  1. The zombie games or perhaps rescue a survivor from some crazed zombies worshippers

  2. I know the feeling about staring something then wondering why.
    The interior's "dastardly, ingenious plan" sounds very intriguing.

  3. You've got to stick with this as I'm fascinated how it will turn out; as for use, well all hard pressed scientists need a ready batch of the undead to experiment on. ;)

  4. This looks as though it could be a hell of a lot of fun, keep it comeimg, I'm intrigued!

  5. Cheers guys for the comments and the support. Get back to you all soon.