Wednesday, 7 November 2012

100th Post - Begining of the End (?)

A Briefing

A blue-grey cloud hovered over the heads of Moor City's great and good. Mayor Brunswick St. Michael mentally checked off those that needed to be here: Police Commissioner Newton Le Willows; his second in command, Captain Hough Green (whose son had already paid the ultimate price). Colonel Mossley Hill, OIC 152nd National Guard and Major Michael Powers. A group of unknown BOI agents and the remaining members of the city council. All present and correct.

Rapping his gavel he brought silence to the room.

"Gentlemen. The situation in Purgatory is getting beyond tolerance. Tonight I have required your presence in order to receive a briefing form a governmental agent allocated to the city in order to help combat this outbreak, Gentlemen may I present Major Hamilton Square of the BOI."

Hamilton arose and briefly introduced himself. He outlined the geneses of a typical viral zombie outbreak and nodded to one of his field agents. The lights extinguished and the ghostly light of a slide projector illuminated the council room.

Slide 1

"Gentlemen. This is the area in which my colleagues and I cleared a couple of crates containing what I believed to be the Haitian Zombie Virus. What we have been experiencing in Purgatory is the self generation of the virus, through bites etc."

"However. Early aerial recon showed this,"

Slide 2

 "and the following day, this...."

Slide 3
"The following slides show that the zeds are collecting at a boundary fence at the bottom of Donkey Drive."

Slide 4

Slide 5

"And finally, yesterday."

Slide 6
"Zed numbers are increasing. The fence will only hold for a matter of a few days now."

"The math says forty eight  to sixty hours maximum!" interjected a voice from the darkness.

"Thank you Dr. Cooper. So we have sixty hours tops before hell visits Purgatory and thence Moor City. The only way to stop this is to meet it head on. Clear the non-infected out exterminate the sick and raze the shanty. Gentlemen that's you role. My men and I will locate the source and eliminate it."

The lights went on and chaos ensued. 


  1. I like where this is heading...
    ...more soon please.

  2. Very nice set up for the main event. Bring it on!

  3. ooooo Sounds good. Look forward to whats coming next oh yes!