Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back on Line-ATZ campaign resumes-Orders Group.

None of the great and bold was capable of organising the complexity of the operation Major Square had proposed so they deferred to his greater experience. Drawing on the information provided by Col. Hill and Commissioner Le Willows the retired British Officer formulated his operational order.


"Situation: The situation has not changed since the briefing you received the other day. However the barrier behind which the sick are held is faltering. We believe that it will not last long. The environment will be considered ‘hostile’.

Enemy Forces: The sick, exact numbers are not known but they cannot be reasoned with and must be eliminated. Additionally, local gang members have been active. These will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Friendly Forces: This is a combined operation. Police, military, BOI, fire service and civilian aid.

Mission: Our mission is to evacuate as many non-sick personnel from Purgatory as possible.

Execution: the operation will be in three phases: Deployment, Evacuation and withdrawal.

Deployment: The Deployment Force will enter Purgatory, secure a marshaling area clear the shacks in their TAOR and direct the non-operational personnel to said area. Additionally it will protect that area during the evacuation.

Evacuation: Upon receiving the ‘area secure’ make to the marshaling area, en-bus non-coms and return to the secure area. There will be two lifts prior to reassessment and or withdrawal.

Withdrawal: The Deployment Force will collapse in on the Marshaling area and be vehicle lifted back to the secure area.”

The orders continued for another twenty minutes, wherein individual tasks were allocated and various policies outlined. Square, identified himself as the forward operational commander in the ‘marshalling area’ with Gunny Highway and Constable Regan as his field commanders. On completion maps, sketches and aerial photographs were revised. Questioned were asked and answered.

“First move, 0600 hours tomorrow.”


Well new routers and contact with provider gets me back on line. I've caught up with your blogs. All sorts to comment on but little time. Anyway well done out there. I hope to be back next week with the batrep.

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  1. I'm excited to see this! I always enjoy your AARs.

  2. Damn You !(the waiting is getting to me)

  3. Thanks fellers. Zab I agree with you this one has been a long time coming. I broke my 2012 NY resolution and didn't run a game last month. Onwards and upwards.