Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Old Glory Exclusive by Jimmy and Grafton Street

What is happening in Purgatory?
By Jimmy Street.
Photos by Grafton Street.

The first rains of fall tumbled onto Moor City’s Shanty but that was not all that surprised the residents. As an early morning raid by members of St. Michael’s Precinct and elements of 152nd National Guard crashed into the unofficial suburb.

Purgatory has been under quarantine for the last eight weeks as the result of an, as yet unidentified, virus. The situation had become so severe that the Guard was summoned to supplement Moor City’s finest. Rumours spread that criminal elements within the town had turned it into a virtual no go area. In an attempt to gain control the raid was organised. However this rapidly turned into a rescue mission.

The sound of gunfire alerted us to the chaos on Donkey Drive long before our arrival. The streams of refugees identified there was something more then a raid going on. Attempting to get an interview with Sergeant Al Lynch I was provide with a curt ‘no comment’. Half dead people emerged to assault and slaughter a platoon of the 152nd ripping the flesh from their bones.  Further enquiries got a pistol pointed at my head and an order to leave. The individual responsible was identified as a British agent working for the BOI on attachment to the Moor City office!


But what exists in Purgatory? You decide. Why are the British interested? I do not know the answers to these questions. Ballot the town hall. The truth is out there.


  1. Very great report from a journalist who could be working at News of the World.

    It will likely spread panic among the people and worsen the situation.

    But at the end, who wants to stay when Zombies are getting closer to your home?

  2. The news from Purgatory isn't good. Some folks at the water cooler say it's just guff, but me, I got a bad feeling about this.

  3. Hmm, I'm thinking there maybe trouble ahead!

  4. The plot thickens, good bit of after-action "filler".

    That last sepia shot is very atmospheric.