Monday, 3 December 2012

My Liebster Awards go to.

In no particular order:

28mm Heaven at It's a great little site with some good ideas and a really pleasent writer.

Ancient Warriors at A very skilled modeller with great knowledge and some very informative posts, particularly in the ancient field.

Anything but a one at . Clint is a great guy and a good blogger. He has a very eclectic site dealing with all sorts of periods and models.

Shelldrake at A fabulous blogger doing both zombie and wargaming. Perhaps the eason I got into the zed field.

Down amoung the Lead men at You want to see his buildings just great. A very accomplished modeller, well worth a gander.

Well that's my five. As you can gather I've gone down my blog list and created them. There are so many others well worth advertising. 'Hard Boiled Zombie' , 'Obviously Zed', 'Those who remain'. So many good blogs.

Keep up the good work gang.



  1. Thanks for the nomination.

    And my apologies (if they are needed) for me being the inspiration for zombie gaming.:-P

  2. Thank you Iqan. I really don't feel I deserve any awards for anything I have ever done in my whole life. "Eclectic" is a very generous term for my unfocused chaos and havoc. But knowing that you enjoy the blog is more than enough reward for me. So once again Thank you.

  3. Well done mate and good choice as well.