Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Rushed Post- Colonial Hamlet

Now everything is sort off back to normal, time has become a premium and I can't see it getting any quieter for the next month or so. But can live in hope. I rushed these together and will transfer it to the Plastic Mohican site when I get the campaign going.

A Little Shack

A Lean Too and a yard in the making. Teddy Bear fur grass/corn.

The Barn.

They all need a bit of tarting up, doors, chimneys etc. Paint all round and lets see. I did go for the ramshackle look to make it rough and ready. I'm happy with the houses but the barn?

The Protagonists.
 Note to self! Zombie game this weekend and start on this project ASAP. If not I may succumb to VBCW, I here the Major in me calling.

Stay warm and dry gang.


P.S.  Sorry about the quality but I still don't have a Microsoft computer and I'm struggling to get a feeling for this MAC. 


  1. All looks good to me, having door and window frames stick out a bit really helps the look too.

  2. Nice buildings. Glad things are returning to normal and there always is a lack of time.

  3. The barn and buildings are fecking fine work Lorcan.

  4. They look good to me. I like the idea of using teddy bear fur for grass.

  5. Cheers guys the feedback is great to help keep you motivated. Especially when there is so much else going on. It's one of the GREAT strengths of this community. Thanks again.