Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Safe Zone!- Episode 1: ATZ Batrep, AAR

Dramatis Personae
Section One
Section Two

Special Agent Major (Retd) Hamilton Square knew the benefit of order in the predicament in which he found himself. Naturally, taking charge, he split the troops into two sections. One would patrol the fence line whilst the one would either rest or perform engineering tasks. The first task was to see if any of the vehicles worked. As turned out only the fire tuck 'fired up.' All the others were beyond repair. However, they'd managed to get electricity into them and he arranged for them to illuminate the barrier. He sent Al Lynch and his section to bed whilst he and the remainder stood stag. The day was coming to an end ad he had a bad feeling about what the night would bring.
Hamilton, Regan, Carter and Ski on Stag.

There are some forty zeds to bring on so some house rules were designed. Four bands of  10 zeds would activate on 1d6 turns after any zed activation. It takes two moves to reach the fence which had a DV and BV as per the Haven scenario. As a zed is offed a marker is placed. If a zed crosses that marker it has to roll 4 or less on a 1d6 to stay upright. If/when two or more markers are on top of each other the zed/character crossing them takes one full turn to do so. This was to simulate bodies piling up and the problems this may lead to (cf 'World war Z').  Doubles as per scenario and the game is played in a rural area until all hordes from the last game are on the table, then it reverts to a suburban one. 

Turn 1 (1-6)

Jack Regan patrolled, alone, along the right flank of the fence line. His cousin George was talking with his old pal on the right. 'Shouldn't be much bother 'til nightfall,' he thought. 'Anyway they'd seen this crew off on more then one occasion and the Cavalry would arrive by morning. The soldier boys had spoken of tanks and all sorts.' Jack Regan feel more comfortable then he had for the last month. 'Just one more night.' 

With no activation for the cops the zeds threw to see when the first horde would arrive. As (bad) luck would have it. The next turn. 

Nozzer take Sonny for his constitutional before turning in

Turn 2 (4-2)

Hamilton saw them first. They came from between dilapidated shacks, shuffling, many dragging their legs. Mouthing unheard words, vacant looks in their eyes. Intent on only one thing, the devouring of warm flesh. He pulled his Bolo Mauser from its holster, pulled back them hammer and loosed two shots. The rest of his section turned to face the threat. A many veterans do, he reverted to his training.
"Call out the guard!" he hollered.

The zeds appear and the officers had activated and only Hamilton reacted to fire. Al's section would take at least one move to reach the defences.

Zeds Appear
Turn 3 (1-3)

"No time for fancy orders men. Just blast them!" Hamilton's Mauser barked twice more. One round shattered a creature's skull and the second took the leg from another.

Hamilton heard the reassuring sound of boots hammering on the tarmac behind him as Sergent Lynch's section 'turned to'.

Straight forward target practise for the gang. Only one zed was created. However the next horde would appear in the next round.


Al's Section turn out.
Turn 4 (1-4)

Lynch had no problem giving tasks to his section. They mirrored that of Major Square.

"Get on that fence line and shoot he bejeezus out of them bastards!" They didn't need a second call and all men jogged to a slot in the line and opened up.

The zeds responded by starting their steady march on the barrier between them and their food. Five fell to the livings volleys but the zeds hesitated not.

The second wave appeared and began their march onto the police lines. There is not much left for them to do but fire and fire again. The 'easy to hit' rule (BDTZ) is a boon, especially to the lower rep figures. 1 zed created. The next horde would arrive in 6 turns.

Turn 5 (4-4) (12) (1-2)

Above the clatter of gunfire a loud bang was heard. Hamilton spun around to see Arch Wright's store ignite. White smoke billowed from the roof. As if in sympathy, the old garage that had acted as a makeshift hospital erupted.

"What the hell?"

Hamilton Square looked in amazement,"Unless Pious eleven has abdicated and the college of Cardinals has set up home in Purgatory the bloody houses have gone up."

"Sure now, Purgatory might be the best place for them," added the Irish Police Sergeant with a grin.

Hamilton gave him a laconic wink, "back to work Sergeant."

"Aye, Sir," said Lynch as he raised his pistol and fired,you heard the Major boys!"

The boys knew there was no option and did as they were told.

 Zed after zed fell, the ground before the fence was littered with corpses, all of whom had died twice.

"Holy Mary and Joseph!"

Al recognised Nozzer's tones, "stay with it lad!"

"It's  not that sarge. Sonny's tethered to Wright's place."

"Fall out lad and get him," a sideways glance at Hamilton confirmed he'd made the right decision.

The first doubles and a 12 was thrown,meaing a fire. The living's luck was not holding and 6 came up meaning two buildings ignited the second being the garage, this meant that in 2 turns a further 1d6 zeds would appear on the road. 3 zeds generated.

Turn 6 (1-3)

Nozzer ran back to the store to be greeted by Sonny, barking in panic as the smoke engulfed him. Nozzer slipped his leash and the hound bounded into the middle of the car park.

"He loves that beast," Lynch told Square.

"Oswald! Stay behind the firing line and do as I order."

Nozzer Ostwald crossed to his dog and made a fuss of him. 

Lynch picked his target and fired, "we need all the fire power we can get."

Hamilton jerked his head upwards, "night's coming. We'll need support tasks soon."

On the right flank Jack Regan was struggling. He had been holding the line on his own and although his accuracy had been good there was just too many of them and they began to attack the fence.

"Carter! Get that shooter over there and support your cousin. Carver, get yourself onto the right side of this gate, cover both the right flank and the centre!"

No real gaming this turn to explain. 2 zeds created.

Turn 7 (2-5)

Night begins to fall and the zed advance is relentless. They shuffle forward some moaning, some crying. All with slavering mouths filled with black rotten teeth.

The six zeds appear and the cops don't activate. They just keep advancing onto the fence. Those that are there attack it.
Turn 8 (3-2)

"Oswald get the lights on!"

Nozzer and Sonny moved and the former hit the lights on each of three vehicles casting an eerie glow to the front line.
In the fading light there gun flashes are brighter. More zeds fall but there seems to be an unending supply. Shotguns hammer away cutting gaping holes in the zed ranks, pistols support their work. Zeds tear at the barricade and chicken wire.

On the left, Big Joe, his Thompson and Conner Ski had kept the hordes at arms length but even their combined firepower couldn't hold back the numbers and a couple of zeds crashed into their section shaking the posts, loosening them.

Night fell on turn 8 and the number of zeds are begining to tell. To cap it all 12 zeds were created this turn. 


I haven't played a day/night match for 12 months so I'm giving it a go. The three shotguns are doing their thing and without them I feel the line would have been overrun. The other matter that has helped is the dearth of doubles. The game will last (potentially) for 16 more turn when the sun'll come up and the zeds drift away. The body count on the fence line is increasing and it won't be long before the assailants take 3 turns to reach the fence . This may save humanity! I have a feeling that if some doubles don't get rolled or the fence line is breached the next few turns will be a bit of a shooting gallery.

Hope you enjoyed the first episode. Thanks for reading.



  1. Seems like everything is well under control so far :-) . I expect it to fall apart as soon as the first zombies get into melee, though!

    1. I feel you may be right once the fence goes. But the distance between the shanty and the troops may allow them to get away.

  2. Nice job, i love the last pic, very moody

    1. Thanks pal. Photographed in the night using small torches adjacent to the vehicles with no flash. It works sometimes, other times I have to use a flash (not that experienced a photographer for low light stuff. my limitations are noticeable in Episode 2.

  3. Very cool story so far, good luck to the Lads in blue, hold the line !

  4. Great story and it seems to be going well for the good guys... far.

  5. Great batrep mate. So far so good looking forward to the reading the next part. Brilliant night shot very atmospheric.