Thursday, 7 February 2013

Zombies, Zombies, Zombies!!!

Now a pal of ours put a comment of my last post and it hit a nerve. I've been dabbling with VBCW and I will get into it soon. BUT! this is a ZBA site and zombies are the thing.

Here is the table for the next scenario. I've replace the field with a garage.

A prequel post will follow soon and the game will be played this weekend. There are 40 zombies just to start with!



PS it was Zab's comments that brought me to my senses. Cheers survivor.


  1. Its alright to stray from the Zombie Hoard every once in a while. Even your most die hard Zombies need a hobby other then eating the living to keep them from going crazy. From what I have heard right now its the Zombie Olympics coming up this summer. I hear that the 100 yard crawl, synchronized river/pond/lake crossing, and the barricade breakdown are all slated to be the main events that all the zombies are going to be trying to enter in the 2013 Zombie Summer Olympics, unfortunately the IZOC (International Zombie Olympic Committee) has ruled that the fastest feasting competition will not be happening after a number of the zombies who would be entering it were found to be doped with recombinant Zombie Growth Hormones in order to build up the muscle strength of their jaws for faster eating and also enlargement of their stomachs so they can hold more human flesh before bursting.

    Seriously though even if you are a part of the ZBA that doesnt mean every post of yours has to be Zombie related. If you happened to be starting up a new game such as Flames of War or a VBCW, I say post a couple posts about it, such as a batrep or two, unit lists, etc... Playing a new game other then somethign Zombie might just give you the inspiration you need for a kick @ss Zombie scenario. I myself have been playing a lot of Munchkin (both the original and Zombie) along with Chrononauts, Back the the Future the Card Game, and Fluxx (Pirates, Zombie and Stoner since one of my friends I introduced Fluxx to got a copy of Stoner Fluxx). We (me and my friends) have been playing one game of the Zombie versions of Fluxx and Munchkin, then the others not going back to the Zombie ones for anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks.

  2. We would drop over whatever you did mate.

  3. That's a very interesting looking board. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.